September 21, 2009

Menu Day

Menu day again today. No salt, low fat, sense of humor menus are not quite wiped out by our one day last week fall off the wagon. Oh, that donut was glorious on Saturday, but usually the craving for one of those doesn’t hit me until after lunch.

Today a second day of quesidillas. I’m serving those with homemade salsa, avocado, and a little real sour cream. Yes, that’s real there on the table. Tomorrow as the heat hits, leftover cabbage and sausage again. Somehow my timing is backwards. Perhaps I should freeze that cabbage. Reschedule the whole world because of the heat. My five days of menus seem to be lasting nine days because of the weather changes.

Maybe just reschudule me…..for I felt so much better after a day of sitting on my broad expanse. I’ll let you know after I swim a few days.


  1. A doughnut! Have you noticed how much better they taste when you only allow yourself just one!? Now what don't beets or cucumbers do that for me?

  2. Your planned menus inspired me to shop with menus in mind. I live alone, so its a bit harder to cook just for one. But Tonight I will eat leftover chili made sunday and a wonderful salad. Oh a donut, have not had one in months.


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