December 4, 2009


And there’s more? And too, there's the old white bookcase reborn and behind my chair.

The Ruthie Gold Star for writing every day in the month of November!

Himself: Yesterday looked for work, did the dishes, reinstated Marion B’s computer. Advised her to get a new one after he put an old video card in hers. Backed up everything except jpgs on a thumb drive. Today a EDD job fair.

Herself: Ate with the literary ladies who, I think, didn’t react to the journal format as you all do.

Reading: That scattered mystery.

Balance: Eating quietly on the bay with Marion and G as the sun set. Lessa's sponsor is cancer free.

Life isn’t really quiet. I write of the quiet moments here while all else rushes by me.

The sky was a beautiful crisp blue. A winter haze smoothed the horizon. I kept hovering over the keyboard editing. By the time I edited ten pages of journal notes down to six pages….without drawings or photos, there wasn’t anything of content left. In a rush, while the world was still and silent outside my windows, I junked the weeks work and substituted the whole cloth writings I posted here.

Just to add to my day, for it really is the little things that make a good day. My out-of-ink printer, made five copies.

At the Poets Group, Marion let us all know that her antique computer had died. It’s been dying a long time, so we knew this was coming. Unfortunately it had all her not backed up, poems and writings on it. Late in the gathering, I hesitantly asked if she would like to have G call her. Hesitantly, she said yes. When he did call her, she mentioned her video card.

He just happened to have an extra old technology, video card. Which he popped in, it fitted, and it worked right away.

Marion was astounded. I was in a way too, for he just reaches up in a box over his desk and pulls down two or three things that work. Every time. Then he inserted a thumb drive, saved all her writings….no room for the pictures, and we all went out to dinner as the sky turned red.

We did stop by Target to get some red balls for Moaning Myrtle the Toyota's nose, and took a Marion who had been up 12 hours…..the longest time up and about since her cancer surgery, home.

What a gift to our lives she is.


  1. Boy, that must have been one of those moments when everyone catches their throats in excitement. How smart G. is! The techie angels have given your friend a second chance to neverever write beautiful poems and stories without printing them out and doing a backup!

  2. Another star for G's crown! I for one love saving old things and I love the comfortable look of your reading chair close to the bookshelf you saved. Makes me want to paint my old shelves, too.


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