December 3, 2009


A box of Them’s….newer. Shiney. Intermixed with the old to punch up the color.

The Ruthie Gold Star for writing every day in the month of November!

Himself: Jobs, and networking, and smiling. He found one of my old friends working where he wanted to and actually networked.

Herself: Worked all day cutting words for the writing class. I cut it so far that I vanished. Discarding the whole thing and starting over today. Got Grumpy back. Ran errands. Made some really good cheese enchiladas.

Reading: Something disjointed. Maybe it’s my brain that’s disjointed these days.

Balance: Dinner last night was especially good: enchiladas, beans, salad, and left over pie. I almost forgot the pie.

This was one of those boxes I had not expected. Perhaps somewhere deep inside my grey matter I had thought I’d given these away. When dragging boxes down from the attic, there they were.

I remember buying these that are plastic at “Big Lots.” Plastic tubes of turquoise ornaments for a silver and turquoise tree of many years ago. Other’s came from “Target” when I needed BIG glass balls for the bottom of the BIG tree.

I don’t think I need buy any more ornaments. I’m sure I am over compensating for my mother’s reactions to Christmas. Whip that tree up on the 24th, and take it down on her birthday….the third. Christmas Eve….drinks, dinner, wrap the presents, and open the presents over more drinks.

I’m sure I am over compensating….perhaps for leaving her decorations under Fran’s side porch so many years ago. So far the over compensation has worked.

2005, the living room tree in blue, turquoise, and silver.


  1. There is something tremendously appropriate about juxtaposing the word Overcompensating with that photo. Just great!

  2. I came here after reading your comment on Time Goes By. Wanted to see your photos. Looks like you are doing a fabulous job already without any advice from the likes of me. :)

  3. Turquoise is great. Some interior decorator I knew once told me it's the "universal" color, meaning everything goes with it. Here I am in New Zealand trying to think about Christmas, and alternatively trying not to.

  4. I love this living room. It looks so cherished...of course with all the books! If buying lots of ornaments is the one way you overcompensate for the holidays, I think you can live with that.

  5. You all leave me starting my afternoon with a smile. Thank you.

  6. Oh, what a joyous overcompensation that photo is! We put some of our tree decorations in glass bowls so the lights or candle light can shine off them.




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