December 1, 2009


Faded Ornaments, 2009.

World Aids Day

Himself: Swam, job searched, and was kind to me when I dithered. Took truck to dealer. Laundry, and more job stuff. Dinner far inland with Stir Margaret, the sister we worked with on the AIDS Quilt for so many years, and dinner was delicious.

Herself: Got all the blue quit fabrics washed. Swam, and Grumpy’s “SERVICE ENGINE SOON” light came on going to a meeting. I thought I’d deal with it when I got home. Coming home the SES light came on as the engine stalled at 70 MPH. G drove it to the dealer and G said it also overheated as it had on me last week. Service writer says the fan clutch isn’t working…which accounts for the overheating. Grumpy is called grumpy for a reason. I want M’s recipe for the crock pot stew. Great stuff.

Reading: Still, the new mystery.

Balance: Reading a light mystery while waiting in the service drive sun for G to come back. Kept being interrupted and asked if I had been helped. Didn’t I look like a Chevy, I asked. No, one man said. I looked like a Toyota. Ah, well.

Simplicity is a small old box of ornaments.


  1. I must admit that I have these boxes with their memories. But last year I wanted an adult tree and I bought all new ornaments and now my tree is red and gold and very lovely...making new more adult memories. All the lovely old ornaments are finding their way to other homes.


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