January 5, 2010

Getting It Right

The Lane Victory seen through the bowsprit of the Star of India. 2007.

Himself: Job hunted, swam, cars, cars, and more cars on Craigslist, job hunted. Fixed me dinner…..thank you.

Herself: Wouldn’t buy a car without oil in it. Kept life simple. Gonna do this today too.

Just as not buying that car yesterday for Lessa was the right thing to do, getting well the right way is the right thing to do also.

Two days ago, as I felt the sinus sink down into agony, I sat at my computer and did a quiet project by organizing my Star of India pictures into an online album…..all in one place for the first time. Today I should be able to bestir my energy levels into organizing the projects I’ve planned for the year.

When I reorganized the bookcases in the living room, two albums surfaced that I knew hadn’t been scanned. In one, a baby book, my grandma Maudie has all my father’s childhood pictures. The other, one of those typical 1960’s albums with high acid, construction paper pages, is an album I made for my mother from the family pictures. It will be interesting to see what I felt was important those many years ago.

Next to these are two generous bins filled with wrinkled fabrics….the next quilt in bits and the bits all need ironing. There they have sat, endlessly, through the holidays, through the running away from home, through the season’s changes waiting for my enthusiasms to focus. I was focused one time last year, but some thoughtless used bookseller on Amazon took my money and ran leaving me patternless.

There's a couple of other projects just waiting for me too...just not today.

So I shan’t stir up dust….just peeking at my projects will be enough so I will know where to start. Finding that book again. Something I can do. I shan’t touch my face either. Allergies lead me to wiping my face, my nose, my eyes repeatedly with my thoroughly infected hands. Grrrr. I’ve been sick for months. Enough. If I have the energy, I will wipe down all surfaces with alcohol wipes too…..starting from the top down.

Getting it right today.


  1. Sure hope the sinus bug decamps soon! Do take care!!!
    {{{{{Hugs}}}}} ~ Sil

  2. The most important thing is health. Take care of yourself. Ruthe

  3. Do some quiet breathing in between all your projects.

  4. Drink lots of water in between all your projects...enough advice!

  5. I'll just mention that once the doctor found my sinuses filled with polyps--I was continually having one infection after another and they all led to complete upper respiratory infections. He put me on weekly allergy injections that went on for 3 years. Now I rarely have even a simple cold. Do you suppose you beseiged with allergies?


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