January 4, 2010

Dithering, Not Dithering


Himself: Surprised that some of the biggies, like Nissan and Mercedes, didn’t come to the Auto Show this year.

Herself: Actually got my desk totally clear. Lobbied for someone else, a smoker, to be put in charge of the cigarette butts.

Reading: Cadell.

Balance: Called the doc and have an appointment.

There I was, healthy, off on a cruise. There I came home with a sore throat that rapidly dissolved into a cold and now a sinus infection.

No you don’t want to know the details, suffice it to say one of my polyps seems to have returned in one of my sinuses. And at last, now, I can do something about it. The insurance card from the AARP Advantage Plan folks arrived with the correct doctor’s name and the correct clinic listed on it. I’m not dithering about pain.

I even have dental insurance, but who knows if my dentist will take it. Maybe I will get up my nerve to call him tomorrow. Maybe I will stop dithering now that the insurance card is here.

Life moves on into the New Year with or without mention of dithering. I will see the leg doc who saved my life. We’ll keep having those smaller meals. We’ll try out Lessa’s new car, and we console Bee who is being hit up for five grand to pay for her step son’s wedding.

I shan’t stay out of the insurance company’s face….they have to get it right. I won’t buy the car unless it’s right. But I can advise her that the bride pays for the wedding, the groom is responsible for the rehearsal dinner and the Groomsman’s party. For the step mother, getting it right is staying out of it. No dithering there either.

In the end, Google is a wonderful help in getting the New Year right.


  1. Ms. Maggie, you completely crack me up. :)

    You inspire me, by the way, to get my doctoring life in order. Making the appts right now.

    I will also say that I absolutely admire people who admit to dithering. It is not a bad quality, thinking things through for a bit in every direction, back and forth and back again, to come to a better more thoughtful decision in the end.

  2. Well my grooms family paid for nothing, and they had money! Lots of it! Feel better, sinus infections can be awful!

  3. I have (I think) finally won the battle against the terrible lung infection that I caught just before Thanksgiving and which proceeded to nag me until 10 days of antibiotics which I started and finished recently. I am sorry that you were punished this way for your cruise...did you do something you shouldn't have on the cruise? ;-)

  4. Well, at least you didn't fall ill until you got back home. It would have been much worse the other way around, would it not? Snuggle down with books and stay warm, drink lots of tea and feel better soon. (You've inspired me to put up some bookshelves in my family room...I hope to get all my books in one place within a week or two. I'm crossing my fingers it looks as good as I think it might. My shelves are Ikea black/brown.)



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