March 15, 2010

Mid-Centuury Design

Duck and a friend on the well dressed elephant.

Himself: Bummed that his new, LLBean, rummage sale, pink shirt has a bad collar.

Herself: Worked hard all day, midday cancer society for stuff for Tehachap, found an interesting woman in the program at the speakers meeting. Proud to edit Lessa’s latest essay….Only the start was weak.

Reading: A book on US Battleships.

Gratitude: Lessa, G, friends.

Mid-Century-Modern is what they call the new thinking design from the post WWII period. I wanted to find something in this design esthetic that I could use on the little book I am calling “Ducky Tails, a few moments with Richard Elliot Caird.

I put together three covers all based on MOMA designs. And….she says after telling Lessa to never begin a sentence with “and or but,” I managed to get all three stories into manuscript form and saved in Word 2007. Frankly, my dear, I felt heroic.

Today is the usual Monday rush. I feel up to it at last: Talk with Bee, write here, swim, pack lunch, Alanon meeting, home at about one. I’ll look at the book again when I get home.


  1. Sounds like you're feeling like a human being again so that is good.

    Today is hematology Bob and that's a doctor's appointment I try not to miss, so I'll get out of my sloppy clothes and try to dress like I have good sense to accompany him.

    Hope your day goes well. You Duck book seems to be coming along nicely. You've mentioned Lessa several times lately so things appear to be going well in that relationship. All good stuff. Good for you.

  2. I do not have your publishing/editing background but am actually thinking about starting to compile some stuff for a chapbook...just for me and mine...but who know maybe I will do that.


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