August 31, 2010

The Days of Our Lives

Would you trust your wreck to this man?

Yesterday and Today

Himself: Off by seven thirty am to his first wreck, home by mid afternoon to upload to their server…extremely slowly, and off again by four. The big problem is the upload time to their server. He was still uploading pictures by almost nine PM.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Talked with Bee. Swam, menus, shopped, carried it all upstairs, put it away and lunch. House stuff, read, off with G for a ridealong two books and water in hand. Two of my favorite backpacks zippers have died, and I am off to see if my shoe repair guy can replace them. I wear dress back packs to lessen the strain on my funky hands.

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)...”

Gratitude: Cool, clear days. Lovely stuff.

G moved full bore into work yesterday, and I trailed along not knowing what was going to happen. He didn’t know either.

I punted. We have to eat. I composed menus that could be altered at whim, and tried to remember to buy everything we needed at once so I didn’t have to go back. Of course that doesn’t work, but I tried. Roast chicken optimistically went into the oven. Makings for several green salads lay about on the counter. Pork chops with puffed sweet potato slices for today. Dinner out on Wednesday with D as usual.

Now after his first full day at work, I note that no plans I may make may work at all during the week. Hopefully we have weekends free.

A gentleman in North County needed an estimate that day by five so he could get a rental car for his wife. I put the half cooked chicken in the fridge and rode along. After he was finished, it was late and we were hungry. Down to the coast we went with the GPS continually recalibrating as we went. The Geezer thinks this funny.

Yes, the Peruvian cafĂ© was charming, but I for one didn’t want to pay thirty bucks plus for an entree served by a supercilious server. Two blocks down old 101, we found The Encinitas Ale House that served up some really good burgers in the fresh air of open doors. The food was good, good, good, and the service was friendly. After trying the lambburger, he wants to go back for the ostrich burger. I continually reminded myself that I didn’t have to eat it ALL.

Today I am going to have even fewer expectations. Maybe by tomorrow, I will be reduced to no expectations.


  1. I am so glad things are working out well for you these days. Dinner is so not important, or that's what I try to tell myself. One can always broil a piece of meat or fish, bake a potato in the microwave and slice up some tomatoes. I call that fast food, and it's not full of fat.

  2. Well, looks like you're off to a good start with G's new job. 'Go with the flow' will need to be your new mantra. This is exciting.

  3. I'm so happy for you. How funny that we both posted photos of people eating some ice cream. Mine was actually frozen yogurt but they taste alike.

  4. Lower your expectations has been my motto for a few years now. Helps coping with ever changing life situations. Glad to hear G. is off to his job.

  5. What a super photo! I love that!

  6. Like you, I'm learning to lower my expectations. Sounds like you're getting organized. I wish I had your energy.

  7. life on the fly . . . enjoy it like you would have in your 20s! G looks happy.


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