August 8, 2010

Freezing Out A Friend

A portion of a Steam Punk parade down the main foyer at the Convention Center, Comic Con, 2010.

Yesterday and Today

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's newest blog. Tugster was captured in Iran when Iraq invaded, and this is his story of that time.

Himself: Sat and computered, estate sale’d, museum and talked with the Datsun day, and went out with Marion B to celebrate.

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Ditto G till lunch then I snipped and read and worked on a quilt entry till it was time to get dressed. Tried on pants till I found several pair that fit me, discarding a tall pile, and took Marion B out for a celebration dinner.

Gratitude: Marion B’s patience.

There are those days where the hours pass smoothly by. Here a roll of the cutter, there a paragraph read. I like days like those.

I even like days when I discover most of my pants are too big. How exciting.

The only problem is that most of the pants waiting in the wings are just fractionally too small. Oh, I can get in the two pair of Ralphies that say they are 20’s…but are really tight 18’s with no stretch in the fabric. Unworn thrift store finds. Just waiting for this day. I can button them comfortably which leaves me with a smile until I attempt to sit. They leave me breathless. Just six months ago, I couldn’t get them on at all so this is progress. Yesterday, I kept them, on hangers….hope is always waiting in the wings.

Then we took Marion B out to dinner. A beautifully dressed, black and white, very modern Marion B. She’s been laboring long and hard with a team of editors on a Writing Class anthology. Some days she’s beyond tired. Other days Chemo Brain wins. Friday Chemo Brain won….Saturday she had the energy for a celebration dinner. She suggested Chinese…so we took her to PF Changs.

The food was really good. Delicious as always. Might I also add that it was so cold that we froze. Even with the addition of every coat and jacked stashed in the back of the car, we were still chilled to the bone by the freezing air hitting us from two air conditioning vents. And we were deafened. The conversational sounds were so crushingly loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves talk.

Nope, this isn’t a place to take tired friends to dinner. Mea Culpa.


  1. It is nice to fit into smaller pants, but like you I more often end up frustrated because one size is too big and the smaller size is just a little tight.

    It's hard these days to find a place quiet enough to take a friend for an evening of good conversation.

  2. I wonder why restaurants do that. It's so uncomfortable when it's too cold. The last time we were at PF Changs the sun was coming in and hitting several of us diners so strongly that we had to hold our hands up with one hand to shade our eyes as we ate.

  3. Neither is cheesecake factory...and thanks for the good anniversary wishes.

  4. I'm down two sizes -- in my case, not a good thing -- I'm glad for you and hope your success continues.

    Dinner sounded great albeit noisy!!!

  5. Yay for loose pants! And yay for you for being so good to your friend.

  6. Love the photo. Totally bizarre.

  7. I like the food at Chang's as well, but have the same reaction to the atmosphere. Too many hard surfaces and the sound just bounces around!
    Good for you with the progress on fitting into the pants.

  8. Stay warm, and glad you friend was having a celebratory time with you, in any case. Happy thoughts your way, over and over.


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