October 19, 2010


The sun is out in our hearts.

Yesterday and Today

Himself: He didn’t work the long hours yesterday, and he’s enjoying his morning today.

Herself: with the quilt blog too: Made calls, finished laundering and scrubbing at the white on the baby quilt, quilted, and read the new Miles Vorkosegian…which arrived yesterday, Oh Yes!

Herself: …and the quilt blog too: Made calls, finished laundering and scrubbing at the white on the baby quilt, quilted, and read the new Miles Vorkosegian…which arrived yesterday, Oh Yes!

My Babylonian Captivity: Do stop in and read Tugster's experience as a human shield. He writes that, “ i was captured in kuwait (where i was teaching in the kuwaiti air force)….”

Gratitude: City of Hope.

  • The doctors at UC told Bee and Mikey not to bother going to the City of Hope. They kept their appointment, and came home uplifted. There are new treatments, and lung cancer is the most researched cancer right now. Just as a plus, there are new drugs that will actually regrow bone. The doctor asked both of them, “Did you think he was going to die right now?” They nodded yes in unison. The new chemos combined with maintenance will keep him going three plus years, then they can switch to something newer. He probably has had this symptomless cancer over two years, said the doc. Don’t quit your job…and Mikey was planning just this. He isn’t now. Bee called me filled with hope. Maybe they slept last night.

  • Blogging. I keep more than one blog. Perhaps I feel incomplete if I don’t journal…and now post it somewhere. I started on Open Diary, the first social networking blog site, but early on I learned it crashed often. My Postcards site began as a mirror blog of my Day Tripper page, and now has developed its own personality. Unfortunately, OD has been down more and up less lately. I miss it and hope everyone is ok.

  • At dawn with G holding my hand, as I had never done this before, I sent off my chapbook manuscript to a chapbook contest back east. This is a huge thing for me.

  • Calls. I made calls yesterday and will make a few today. Marion. There was Marion’s voice on her answering machine. I hadn’t expected it and was tearing up while I asked if there was to be an obituary or service or party of some sort. Please call me back, I hoped.

  • More calls. The Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV). I elected to wait on hold with some tinkley music boring into my head to reach a really rude lady. Yes, she ran my license and told me it was valid. She also hung up before I could thank her. I immediately got in Grumpy and picked up white thread and two months of cleaning. Not having to ask for a ride is liberating…freeing. Both my kids do not believe the DMV. Past experience has shown them wrong, both kids said. I prefer to be naive, I told them….cherishing my newly restored freedom. That freedom will take me back to the pool this morning.

  • Although there’s black skies outside, inside I see sunshine and blue through the clouds.


  1. You last bullet reflects you to a T and is the most important part of your post.

  2. Just drive carefully. You should be OK.

  3. Lovely to think of Mickey and Bee arriving home and there a candlelight ray of hope.

    What is the clapbook manuscript?

  4. Congrats on the chapbook! That is so cool! I have wanted to do that so many times, but I cannot seem to muster the courage. Or scourge the mustard. Or whatever.

  5. Good luck as you venture out again on your own.
    Great news on hope for the destruction of the cancer too.

  6. So shocked to see OD still down -- don't know what I'll do. I imagine I'll go to my Blogspot site and journal there.

    I think you'll do fine driving.

    Hugs & love,

  7. AHA, I found you, thx for the link on facebook. Yes, OD is still down, I am missing favs and YOU...

  8. I'm wishing you more blue skies and sunshine.

  9. I threatened ages ago to make a blog - I reckon you are right. Dammit. Equanimous

  10. 1. Yay for sunshine!
    2. Mazel tov on having your license!
    3. Yay for a woman of great courage, empathy and strength... You!!!
    4. Amazing blessings -- that City of Hope. (How DARE that original doctor tell them not to bother going!)

  11. To Mikey & Bee I would say as long as you have breath, there's hope. Those doctors at UC need their heads examined!

    Crossing my fingers for the chapbook submission! :)

    The DMV in SD sounds as bad as the one I here in SLC. I avoid it as hard as I can. Glad your licensing troubles have abated.


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