December 2, 2010

Little Bits of History *

The nose of the TERAAKA pokes out from behind yesterday’s Ensenada tugs.

  • Before I headed out to the pool yesterday, I snatched a couple of photos off last Christmas’s cruise album. Just behind the nice line up of green tugs was an obvious, very early 1960’s designed small ship of some sort. She stirred my curiosity. Plugging her name, Teraaka into good old Google took me to this stamp history page that had it all. She was built in 1959 Yugoslavia for the Jadranska Plovidba as the OPATIJA, a tourist/holiday ship. Mouthfulls. Her name was changed to NINIKORIA when bought by the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Development Authority in 1968. In 1974 the operation of the vessel passed to the central Government. She became a marine training ship with the name of Teraaka. Very bare bones stuff for a long lived ship. For ships wear out…Yet here she is not registered by Lloyds and afloat down in Ensenada.

  • Old stuff. Just as we were moving upstairs after dinner last night, there came a call for the Geezer. His old boss. Moving the one division to Mexico and eliminating the oversight didn’t work. They wanted Geezer to come back to work for them. G noted that the boss kept saying, “Gee, you sound happy.” I think he is, especially since he told his old boss no.

  • The second-in-command at the Discovery shop is on our neighborhood council. All the high school kids who had volunteered to help with the local Christmas Parade quit to be in the parade. I was asked if I would run the staging area. Since I will be with G up at the Automotive Museum during December Nights in Balboa Park, I turned the boss on to my youngest. Lenora knows everyone down there, and she’s thrilled. She can see at night too.

  • Yesterday afternoon, I caught a glimpse of a neighbor gardening on her walkway. No yards here. I asked her if she wanted my indoor plants….yes she said, and I parted with all but one of my houseplants. I managed to remember to water the one remaining plant. Memory is the problem for me. Now sheets and plants all in one week. I’m offing all the small details of life to open doors to some new thing just waiting in the wings. Perhaps I should find homes for the deck plants too.


  1. Staging area...sounds like a very responsible activity. Seems to me they should offer Geezer all the back pay as well if he would come back to them.

  2. I love these photos. You do great work. Also, I assume these were taken in the San Diego harbor?

    Regarding returning to work, forget it.

  3. How nice that Geezer had the opportunity to say no.
    Interesting about that old ship -- when I think of Yugoslavia, I don't think of ship building...
    My grandfather was a shipwright during WWII. A carpenter by trade -- he worked on several ships including the New Jersey and the Antietam.
    Kind of funny that all the kids quit to be in the parade.

  4. You may not have a limit to photos if you do not store on Picasa via Blogger. Go to Dashboard and select the account link in the upper right bar, on the next page under personal settings select Dashboard again and then view data stored in this account. If you scroll down that long page you will see Picasa Albums and if you click on Albums in the center at the bottom in teeny tiny teeny print is the megabytes you have used as an MB and as a %. More than you every wanted to know, I know.

  5. I love it that G could tell his former boss that he was happy. Poetic justice.

    The photos are awesome!!!!

    Bon Voyage!!!!!

  6. Yae for the Geezer. Love it!

  7. Snoozers are losers. Glad Geezer is in a good place now.

  8. Im sure that G. was overjoyed to say he was happily engaged otherwise, thats awesome! Von Voyage to the plants--and sheets-Wish I lived next door ;o)

  9. I can just imagine how good it felt for G to tell the old boss no. I don't blame him.

  10. mage-- thanks for ferreting that ship outa the back of the shipyard. interesting.


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