April 13, 2011

Appointment Book Roulade

Beth and her mom Ellie…we meet with them Sunday to tour the Truck Museum in Campo.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: Yes, he rarely works late now. Yes too, he still likes his job. We have lift off every day now.

Herself: With a few changes, I took the Donation sonnet to class yesterday. I think the topic was a bit of a shock.

Just today, life is pretty good stuff. We aren’t sick, we are having fun, and we are looking forward to all sorts of things. What more can any of us want.

Yesterday I did take my writing teacher aside, after more kind words from her about improvement in my writings, to tell her that I’ve been submitting things to this and to that. I became quite a successful artist by getting my work out there, so now I am doing the same with my words. We booth stood in the center of the room smiling about this at each other.

Today I get to play with books. Imagine that. Maybe I will have the energy to sew blocks together this afternoon….just for a little while. Today also, we are doing our usual dinner out….something low fat and simple, please.

Though I’m writing and getting out of Maria’s way Thursday, Friday gives me another chance to play with things at the Thrift Store. Saturday Campo and a chance to tour a truck museum that’s never open, Sunday noon a “Luncheon” to thank volunteers….we volunteer and we love free food. Sunday we take Don for a quickie something on the way to one of those Business meetings we have to attend as we volunteer there too. Paying the price of being a good guy.

Swimming too. Did I mention swimming? And the gym for him. That’s enough stuff to keep us both busy far into next week.

Then we do it again with camera in hand.


  1. Sounds as if life is treating you well at the moment. Do enjoy the encouraging words of your writing teacher and the feel of weightlessness when swimming.

  2. You're enjoying such a wonderfully full life!

  3. Congrats on your successful art projects. Let us know if the writing is going as well and where you submit. I think you will be more than successful.

  4. YES to success! I love hearing stories like this!

  5. All's well that ends well. Your medium must be photography. Your photos are always a treat. Dianne

  6. Your "mediums" seem endless. And blogging every day to boot! Sigh! How do you do it? Don't give up submitting. It's the only way to get there.


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