April 1, 2011

Friday Lite 106

  • Much to my surprise, G and I saw no roses at our upcoming Valley hotel. It looks like the hotel we will be staying for the convention made a decision to cut them back three months later than usual. We will have plenty of new spring shoots to photograph this year, but no roses. I’m very disappointed.

  • Grumpy’s transmission ate some important part, and it has to go into the shop. When we bought him, we were assured that the transmission was metal. Now it turns out the sales person was wrong. He has one of those plastic/Teflon transmissions that don’t hold up as well as the metal ones. I get grumpier every time I have to take that truck to a shop.

  • After a fierce political battle pitting friend against neighbor, it looks like those of us who support freedom at the beach have lost. A mini Wal-Mart will be constructed on the old Safeway site. The community is polarized.

  • Ending on a positive note, Photoshop E10 has finally listened to consumer complaints. Many of us wrote irate emails to the company complaining that we couldn’t see anything in the dark grey background. Many functions have dark grey sliders on the dark grey background necessitating a change in the contrast just to find the features then a change back so one could work on the image. Now Photoshop has lightened up the background again, and one can find the tools without elaborate machinations. This is an amazing corporate switch for the young minds that do the program design.

  • Happy April Fools Day to you all.


  1. No roses!!! That would be a disappointment to me, too. I was so excited to see that one rose outside of To The Point! We didn't see many other, though. Here, they're just beginning to bud and leaf. It's been so cold.

  2. So was all of the above an April Fool's joke? lol.

  3. Yes, it's all one. Thanks Gigi. :)

  4. I think you have captured the future of our world -- plastic transmissions, Walmart, and no roses.

  5. No roses! Perish the thought! See you tomorrow at the museum. I have two events to cover in the morning.

  6. Aside from April Fools - what a gorgeous yellow rose that starts your entry! I meandered over from Cap'n Poolie's place, having followed her for years. I hope you don't mind that I peek in now and again :)

  7. Happy April Fools Day to you too! Your PhotoShop rose is fantastic. It does look like you did something to it, but I'm not sure. It looks very artistic.


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