May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo *EDIT*

…. the amateur Drinking Day

Cinco de Mayo display at the Discovery Shop. 2010.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: For a man who loves solitude, this job is heaven. Then again, he is bringing the solitude home with him. Not understanding about the fund raiser either. We haven’t communicated well on this.

Herself: Actually managed to get everything done yesterday. Ongoing is worry about youngest daughter and her daughter. I know worry does no good, but it’s there hovering anyway.

  • No, it’s not Mexican Independence Day. Yes, it is an American drinking celebration and celebrated primarily in the Mexican State of Puebla. Wikipedia tells us, “the date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.[7][8] Contrary to widespread popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day,[9][10] the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico, which occurs on September 16th.”

  • Big funding cuts at the schools here. Lessa was able to find the one class she needed. I have school through June, then two whole months off before school begins again.

  • Since the start of Weight Watchers, (WW), the Geezer has lost 13 pounds, and I have lost 3 according to their scales. According to my scales, I have lost four. I tried to tell the WW Speaker yesterday that because of my meds and the water retention from my damaged lymph system, I might get permanently stuck. Soon.

  • Today a contractor from the “Quieter Home Program,” sponsored by the Port District and paid for by the FAA, will be inspecting the condo. I’m extremely ambivalent about this. Yup, I want the new windows, doors, heat, air, and insulation, but I don’t want to lose my bathroom and hall ceilings so there will be room for a ceiling heater, as well as pipes, tubes and ducting to move that heat around. I am hoping my arguments will prevail and we get to save the bathroom and instead use bits of the unfinished bedroom. If the bathroom ceiling was just bare, I wouldn’t mind. Instead we have inset tiles, moldings, new dry wall, tiles to the ceiling in the shower, and a stained glass window. That room cost 1/2 as much as all the money they are putting in for windows et al. …edit…….G and others in my swimming class all say this is the first inspection. In all their cases, the contractor and architects were willing to consider alternatives. I’m calmed.

  • I got to coughing at the WW Meeting yesterday, and today I have a poor excuse for a voice. For days I have been up and enthusiastic, now today with the contractor coming and the no-voice, I confess that I am depressed. If I were a better debater, I wouldn’t worry. Unfortunately, I’m not good at discussions like this and always ending up a lump and in tears. I must not let this concern structure my day….yet I have been.

  • I found my sets of old European pillowcases. It was a minor triumph that I remembered where they were, found them, and today will bleach them out so them can go on the new bed cover and finish the new look in the bedroom. Of small triumphs are a day made, and I will let that carry me along.


  1. I tried Weight Watchers for almost a year, but lost virtually no weight. I quit the program without regrets.

    Now, I have managed to lose 7 lbs in 3 months on my own simply by increasing veggies and cutting the carbs.

  2. I agree on Cinco de Mayo, They celebrate it in Mexico to commemorate the Battle of Puebla. Mexico's Independence Day is Sept. 16th and it's a serious occasion.

    AND no self respecting Mexican puts lime in his beer. That idea was a NYC ad man's plot to sell a crappy Mexican beer. Just my take but I spent a semester in Mexico back in the '60s and no one put lime in their beer. And there are better beers than the one in the ads.

    Weight is tricky -- just do your best!!! I'm cheering for you!

    You are a very busy gal!!!!

  3. I didn't know it was a drinking day for Cinco de Mayo. That's interesting. We will be celebrating Children's Day. It's actually Boy's Day. We'll have to call our son and wish him well in his Final Exams. Poor guy.

  4. Three pounds is still a nice chunk! Don't get discouraged.

  5. Pat yourself on the back for the 3 lbs....and maybe the weight is just moving around anyway. I lost the most weight the easiest by cutting way back on carbs, eating salad at 2 meals along with my veggies and fruit and protein. Make your plate into 3 areas but make the veggie/salad portion the biggest.

  6. Great news on the 3 pounds. Men always lose weight faster. Dang men!

  7. The Europeans have been celebrating May 1 for ages. I guess we needed an excuse to party. I hope you take photos of any changes to your flat, i.e. before and after bathroom shots should your protests fail. Dianne

  8. Small triumphs are what get us through the day...the glass is really half full.

  9. We will see the picture of the results once the job is completed, right?


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