May 26, 2011

Hero's In Our Own Home

Strip pieced quilt with bars made about 1930/1940, Texas, Cotton. From the show African American Quilts/Bold Expressions at the Mingei Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. 2011.

Yesterday and Today
Himself: There was a virus in an web based email this morning. Our hero conquered the horror and was able to start his day again. He went to my WW meeting with me last night. Kind guy. Still don’t know if sugarless chocolates are fewer points.

Herself: Other than not altering my diet and unofficially gaining five pounds this week while officially losing one, life is good. offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local fauna.

I need to participate in my own house cleaning more. What? My kitchen is filthy, and elsewhere my house is a breeding spot for dust mites as they party their days away. What happened to wake me up? I went to move some plates up a shelf and my hand stuck to the shelf. Euwww….

In four hours every two weeks, my housekeeper, Marta, dusts what she can reach, vacuums, and mops the floors. My place sparkles…on the surface. Four hours is four hours. It doesn’t mean washing dishes on the shelves, or washing the shelves either.

Yes, I climbed a ladder, took one look at the top shelf behind the door, and I was appalled. I’m responsible for the good looking but sticky and dirty display. Obviously I need to rearrange things more often. The plates we are not using right now went up. The bowls we are using every day that were up, came down. Today everything we don’t use every day on those three shelves can go in the dishwasher while I scrub the shelves. Next week I will do three or more shelves. I’m not going overboard with this clean stuff, mind you.

While G fights his virus, I shall fight my mites and be a heroine in my own kitchen...a little at a time.


  1. I admit I have shelves like that, and I have trouble reaching them even with a stepstool.

    Since I can't comment as a Google user, I'm gonna try anonymous.

    (It's Harriet)

  2. Oh, go ahead dearie, go overboard! Then come here and help with my display shelves in the kitchen that are way the hell up there!

  3. How brave of you, I'm afraid to look up into my top shelves. Why am I keeping all that stuff?

  4. Once upon a time I kept a very clean kitchen. My goodness I even stood on a stool and wiped the ceiling. I don't do that anymore. I did move the stuff I do not use everyday to top shelves. I don't see myself up on a stool anytime soon. Dianne

  5. Sounds like my kitchen. I should try to clean it more often...

  6. My apartment is the first floor of a big old house and I swear that dust crawls out of the woodwork so I feel your pain. I hope you have a productive day and that G feels better soon.

  7. Good for you, Maggie! I have to dust the floors everyday because the wind brings a layer down through the windows.

  8. Glad you're not going overboard -- you scared me there for a minute!

    I try to do one in-depth thing each week. Notice I said 'try'.

    Hope Geezer feels better.

  9. My Uncle Frank is 6ft 6" tall--I always clean UP High before he comes to visit because I know he can see where I can' The great thing about it is this, it can go from dirty to clean in just a few minutes time..SO Now you are all caught up--

  10. I haven't read any blogs for the last two weeks, so I'm playing catch up. I haven't had a cleaning woman for the last six months or so, and you can tell. But moving is a great motivation for cleaning up and throwing out. I don't have a place yet, but I'm getting ready anyway.


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