June 22, 2011


Shots from the Midway. 2010.

The Sidebar
Himself: He reported that it was warm out there yesterday. Today it will be in the 80’s. He had two vee-hickles to do after dinner at home.

Herself: Next week am going to read my piece about Hitler’s cruise ships to the class again. The teacher likes it.

WW foods for the day: Breakfast: Green beans, coffee, yogurt. Lunch: Half Turkey Sandwich and diet coke. Dinner: Turkey meatloaf, green beans and mushrooms, caprese salad, and three squares of Trader Joes No Sugar Chocolate.

Purelandmountain.com offers the latest news from Japan on days he isn’t fighting his local flora and fauna.
Television: Movies have been an ok substitute on Tuesdays for NCIS. We are amused. We do something together. And we enjoy it.

Last week, I picked “Red.” Still funny and exciting. This week, he picked “You’ve Got Mail” as the movie, and it’s still cute. Mondays our local PBS station has recovered from the weeks of high priced fundraising to which we cannot afford to donate, and Antiques Roadshow is on again. There isn’t a lot we watch on TV now, and there are no summer substitutes any more. But for the new Spielberg and the New Food Network Star, summer TV truly is the great wasteland at this house.

I admit that our movie choices have a tendency toward the sophomoric. By the time we get to viewing our choices, we are well into the end of a busy day. Poor Geezer prefers something with a little more excitement than I do, but then again, “Red” had some really well done chase scenes.

Perhaps the real truth is that we are sophomoric. Still growing, still childlike in our enthusiasms, but sometimes that’s ok too.


  1. I've been watching the NCIS reruns because my sister has an annoying habit of phoning while it's on (and not getting the hints that I don't want to talk). This Port-to-Port is too complicated to follow without help.

    But I am also looking forward to the new Spielberg, as well as the new season on The Glades. (The hero is young enough to get into a few good chases. Ahem.)

  2. The colors in your photos are like candy. I love candy.

  3. I'm watching reruns of "Bones." But last night watched "Pirate Radio" which I laughed at most of the way through, see how I am. I love Bill Nighy, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  4. The new Woody Allen movie is lovely. No big action, no chase scenes, a small bit of nastiness to keep it from getting nauseous, and a little something to think about. My idea of a good sophmoric movie.

  5. If you like an action movie without the swear words, based on a true event - get UNSTOPPABLE with Denzel Washington. Based on a runaway train in Pennsylvania. It's about 95 mins. long and very, very good.

  6. My rut is more and more British mysteries and classics. I cannot seem to get enough and I do donate to PBS as I have some extra money for that. I will donate for you guys as well next time. More antiques roadshow!

  7. I adore those toys with the hot pink tongues. Is that sophomoric?

  8. My daughter gave me a gift Rx to Netflix during my chemotherapy when I wasn't going out much. Not surprisingly, since I love movies so much, I got hooked. So we've continued it and watch it more than regular TV. Does your local PBS station carry the Doc Martin series? We're hooked on that one now. About a small village doctor (who apparently has asperger syndrome)in a beautiful seaside village in England--he had to give up his career as a surgeon in London after developing an aversion to blood.


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