August 30, 2011

Chasing Shadows

Views from the train: Caboose.

To slow my mind down today, I sorted, I quilted, I struggled with a poem, I listened to Lessa whose SUV didn’t pass smog, and I sorted my links on the other blog, Postcards.

Just as Open Diary, (OD), has its Favorites list, Google now has a service called Google Reader. If a blog on either list has been updated, it is now in bold type. Very handy. But not all my favorites blogs and sites are on either of these lists. Most of them run down the side of my Postcards page, and I use them there.

If you are a responsible blogger….and sometimes I am, you have to check your links. Are they still active? Are you led into 404 territory? Are the links your links contain all dead. It’s the perfect activity for one whose brain is negatively overactive. That’s always me when told to come in for a second or third mammogram especially at a hospital I never go to.

I checked my liner links…ship links, watery links. And there’s a lot.

I always read Tugster, for instance. Not only do I get to find out the latest New York Harbor news, or 6th boro as Tugster calls it, I’m enchanted by the boats and ships, and museums within his bailiwick. He showed fascinating screen captures of New York harbor during Irene’s arrival. I also confess, after being led off on a happy tangents by Maritime Matters and Shipspotting, I didn’t finish the watery links this day.

I think I’m going to be in even deeper trouble when I get to the cooking links.


  1. I check my links pretty regularly. I did find one that sent me into outer space recently. Some people stop blogging it seems. Dianne

  2. I hate to delete old blogs...I'm always hoping they will start writing again.....but I need to do it and soon.

  3. I think all my links are current, but now you've got me thinking....

  4. A bunch of links on Blogs I Follow are way at the end of the list and totally dead. Two (one is Darlene's) will not link correctly and one needs a password to access. I am just leaving it all since they fall way at the end of the list.

  5. Thank you for the kick in the butt. I have been meaning to update mine, as a few had changed locations, and one is an access by password only now. So, I updated them, and I think they are current. If you have any problems with any of mine, please let me know.

  6. I'll be checking mine and thanks for the link to Tugster!

  7. I have never even linked anything. I guess I need to get a little more serious about my blogging.

    I love the photo of the caboose. My father worked for the D&RG RR

  8. Sorry I have been a bit AWOL here. Busy-ness at the museum. As always. I cleaned my blog list about a month ago. Very refreshing. Felt like I had organized the cupboards.


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