September 7, 2011

The Geezer's Office is Air Conditioned

….and her name is Myrtle.

Even crew and the odd marine have to have their smoothies. That was our city yesterday. If you didn’t have air conditioning, you sat back with a cool smoothie in your hands and suffered. It was a hundred in Mira Mesa, G reported, but I bet it was 112 in Santee with 100% humidity.

I wrote on the Thingplatz piece yesterday until after multiple Lessa calls, I became aware it was very warm in here. She got her SUV back, and I got to go grocery shopping in air conditioned comfort. What more could one want.


  1. And here's me thinking the weather in San Diego is nearly perfect. I should know better, I lived there in the 1950s, but truth be told I don't remember noticing the weaather, except it did not rain much. Should you need rain, we can ship some out your way. Soggy in Virginia (Dianne)

  2. I cannot imagine dressing like that in the heat. Dang!

  3. We're in the mid 90's here in SE Washington but it is dry and I seem to have gotten used to it, peculiar for an ex-pat Seattlite. I don't envy you. Those temps in the city on the coast are killer.

    Drink lots of water, or smoothies ;-) loved that picture.

  4. Geez! I can't imagine SD that hot. Isn't it still supposed to be the most temperate climates in the U.S.? Here we had practically no summer, it reached the 100s only a couple of times the whole time. Now our mornings are nippy, and daytime it never leaves the 80s. You should come here: pure, polluted mountain air!


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