November 30, 2011

30 Final NoMoJo

The truck museum in Campo California.

It’s the last day of NoMoJo. I set out to tackle NoMoJo with certain goals. I faded….but it doesn’t matter. I posted every day tho the photographs weren’t especially memorable. I shrank into myself and my words grew shorter every day…but that too doesn’t matter.

What does matter are all the wonderful people I meet here on Open Diary at Day Tripper, and at Postcards on Blogger. You all make my day. Every day.

As of today, I have a replacement point and shoot Power Shot A650 IS Canon. The dearest Geezer found it on eBay for my Christmas gift. My old one, out of focus since the neck strap snapped and the camera broke on the cement floor, is still at the shop. We will get it back and use it for parts for this one…for perhaps one day I will need parts.

“You’re back in business,” the Geezer told me. I cried.

He makes my day too.


  1. You did a great job, posting every single day. I know, because I read you every day.

    What a precious gift your Geezer is!

  2. What a nice guy to buy a new camera for you without being told. My guy would wait for a request from me.

  3. Thank goodness for G. He is a good guy and aren't you a lucky gal. Dianne

  4. Magnificent Christmas gift in so many ways. I'm looking forward to your new pictures.

  5. Great job this month. I know how hard that must have been. Enjoy the photos.

  6. Fantastic! What a good month of posts. You did manage to keep your momentum up.

  7. Good you you and the Geezer! If only it were as simple to find replacement parts for our knees and shoulders and our insides too. I for one enjoyed all your posts regardless of the number of words! Commenting seems easier, so far! Here goes...

  8. Wonderful! Easy as pie. Hope everyone else finds it so too.

  9. You make my day!!


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