December 23, 2011

Friday Christmas Lite (EDIT)

  • The curtains: Not a good choice in fabrics. With the sun behind them, they look yellow green. With the light in the room, they look beige. Only when you are close do you see the turquoise. At night, they go well with the room. Disappointed is the word - visually. They sure do keep the room warmer tho as we don’t get the new windows till next year.

  • The presents are bought and wrapped. The only time we went to the mall this season was to see “Sherlock Holmes.” We loved it, as you knew we would. We did buy from Target, online, and various thrift stores. G repaired my two camera’s- twice, and this week we had to replace our phones this week. I appreciate being brought into the 21st century phone wise, but I’m not pleased at the added expense.

  • Remembering to email the friend now that she has reminded me what she wanted. Remembering to mail one granddaughters gift and remind one more time one grandson that we don’t have his address. Remembering that the desert needs to be made one day ahead of time….that’s today.

  • Not Gratitudes: I forget then delegate to G. He forgets. We are not a fine pair when it comes to the grandkids this Christmas. Sadness over returned Christmas Cards.

  • Gratitudes: Lists they get me through…only ham and lettuce to pick up for tomorrow. We are as well as we can be. We are alive and laugh often. We are able to give back to our communities and help others. We are sober. I mean, what more could one want….lettuce today?


  1. I like your "not gratitudes" and "gratitudes." True, the pantry and freezer are stocked, we are warm and relatively content and the dogs are all clean from grooming yesterday. My granddaughter comes to clean my house today. What a good girl she is. Who could ask for anything more. Dianne

    PS, going to get those curtains in my bedroom cleaned next week.

  2. We have to only look at the good things and the try to change the things we can. Did you grandkids move or was it something sadder? I have a friend who has stepchildren that have returned or refused gifts and now she just lets it go. LIfe is too short to dwell on those things. Adopt a neighborhood grandchild and spoil them.

  3. Sorry to hear about the returned cards. That's gotta hurt.

  4. I feel bad when cards are returned to me as well. So, could you put a white panel behind the new curtains to make the turquoise show up when the sun is out? Just wondering.

  5. I was thinking about basting in a turquoise backing. :) Beige is an off color for me.

  6. Laughter is good. I rarely laugh these days.

  7. sorry to hear the curtains are not what you expected...Blackout lining should have been used...they should have recommended it to you...
    Have a great Christmas!!!

  8. So sorry about the returned cards, Mage. It's their loss.

  9. There is always that sadness from returned cards. You don't know if they moved or something bad happened or what. I hope nothing bad happened to your recipients, Mage.


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