January 9, 2012

Backwards Meals with edits to clarify

Breakfast at Perry’s.

The Geezer has turned off the water at our shut off so all our hot water won’t pour away down the driveway when the workmen drain the system. I’m up here on the top floor planning a couple of menus that require no water from the faucets.

One rice casserole (made with bottled water), layered with Ortega peppers and jack cheese with a sauce of cottage cheese and sour cream….lite, with a tossed green salad and garlic bread. Heavy on fats and carbs, but delicious. Two meals from that…Monday and Wednesday…two pans too.

Stuffed baked potatoes with minced zucchini and a dollop of sour cream, melon the side, and green beans steamed then tossed with garlic in a little olive oil. Meal three on Tuesday using two pans and a bowl. I need four meals. Baked squash with a side of broccoli and an avocado and tomato salad. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will have water and can eat out.

Somehow this seems backwards. Then again, life often seems backwards.


  1. Your menus sound great.

  2. Yum.. but two questions..

    1) How does one make rice without water? ;)

    2) Are the melon and green beans a side dish, or are they what your baked potatoes are stuffed with?


  3. Same questions as Hilary and my homemade turkey soup for tonight seems so bland now.

  4. Life is backwards sometimes. I love pancakes for supper. Haven't done that in a while. Dianne

  5. I had breakfast for dinner last night! YES! Taters and eggs with cheese, veggie bacon, sliced tomatoes, and orange juice.

  6. My dinner this evening is turkey noodle soup made with two leftover drumsticks from ThanksGiving! Why no one at the drumsticks who knows but they have been in the freezer long enough. I added swiss chard from under the remay cloth outside, mushrooms, my own rosemary and sage which will be the last as it is snowing today and bow tie pasta. I also added some curry and nutmeg. You made me feel guilty, so I had to spice it up!
    My ankle is much better and I want to start yoga and aerobics and jumping in front of our new X-box...so off to an MRI tomorrow to get the go-ahead to really do some damage.

  7. Do I detect a trend toward vegetarianism here? Some of these sound awfully familiar to what we do, and those carbs? Yum yum! (Except for that bacon I saw some place around here.)


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