January 1, 2012


It was a lovely start to the new year.

Mr. and Mrs. Shoptilyoudrop shopped.

I’d been nagging Mr. Shop, here known as the Geezer, that his sweats looked as if a homeless person owned them. Fuzzy balls everywhere, stretched necks, limp legs….you know the routine. He’d put them on and be cold.

Repeatedly, as a proper nagging wife should, I pointed out that my old sweats still kept me warm ball-lessly. No fuzz on me. I reinforced this by reminding him that I didn’t buy the cheapest sweats available that I’d paid real money for all these faded ball-less sweats that so artfully cover my full figure every morning.

Last week, Mr. Shop decided he would go to JCPenney’s establishment. He bought one set of name brand sweats, and he didn’t collapse at the price. He was also jawdroppingly surprised by how warm he was all week.

Yesterday he set out to buy sweats. He researched online the time JCPenneys opened, we showed up at the opening hour, and he bought two more sets of sweats. On the way home, he stopped at the local Tarjay and bought a whole pile of not too sleazy long sleeved T-shirts. He did search for a scanner, and did blanch a bit at the price, but he bought them.

Last night, after seeing “We Bought A Zoo,” going to an alcothon….one of those AA meetings that lasts all night long, he tried his new sweats on.

If JCPenney’s is open today, he will take the tops back and trade them in on one size larger tops. I didn’t say a word, because I bought an on sale fleece shirt, and I too didn’t try it on. It won’t zip up easily as the end of the zipper is covered by the fabric trim. Me? I just won’t unzip it. Did I say that.

At least I took my camera along.


  1. I really must go in a store sometime soon again. I will probably be a little surprised at what I can find!

  2. Someone at our house needs new sweats too. I will mention the sources Mr. Shopper used. Dianne

  3. I hate to shop and have David do the shopping if possible. I buy clothes (muumuus) just once a year and that's it til the following year.

  4. He sounds a lot of Hubby about shopping for new clothes! (Must be a "man" thing!) He (Hubby) still insists he should be able to get a suit for less than a $100 (back when he could wear boy size 16); all moot of course because after wearing suits and dressing up for work (engineer style) for 30 years and more, he now refuses to dress up at all. Don't know what he'll wear if we're ever invited to the White House! :)

  5. Took my husband shopping yesterday as well. He got a $60 light weight jacket and a $28 long sleeve t-shirt for just under $30 dollars with a $10 off coupon I had. I had given him one long sleeve t-shirt for Christmas and he poo-pooed it...but he went straight for the rack of other long sleeved shirts at the store. LOL.

  6. Saw the film too. Did you like it?

  7. Wow, sounds like you're doing good managing him. Not a peep out of you. They remember things longer if they figure it out for themselves. It's very hard though for me to be patient and keep quiet.

  8. If somewhere in the world one man actually listens and acts on his wifes's advice there is hope for us all:)
    Happy New Year/

  9. I've heard that's a great movie. I guess we don't wear sweats anymore since we moved to Hawaii.


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