May 31, 2012


There we were.  Sitting at our computers working away.  He was auditing an estimate….leaving a note to the adjuster saying more photographs were needed, and I had just finished downloading the store pictures for Facebook. 

Kapow….no power.  The world as we knew it ended.

The giant backup/battery/router thingy started beeping, the computers grew black, and we both pushed the buttons that officially crashed them.  Popping on shoes, we staggered out into the complex to discover a rapidly growing line of SDG&E trucks lining up at the end of our building. 

Across the front walk, they had power, no one else did.  Somewhere in the line between our building and the corner, the cable failed.  We packed ourselves up, G called in to work, and we were off to the multiplex for dinner and a movie.  Home afterwords, still no power by eight.  I can still read by flashlight.  He played solitaire on a laptop. 

Life is pretty darned good, if you ask us.


  1. The only time we had a massive power outage was during and after the big earthquake of 2006. It was devastating not being able to use the computer or television or oven or lights. Lol. Never want to go through that again.

  2. Aren't we civilized folks weaklings? Not you and G, you are clever innovative and survivors.

    Dinner and a movie...why not? 3 dogs and a bunch of parrots is why we keep backup batteries. Got to put them to bed first. Hope you are back to normal.


  3. So disconcerting! We have power blackouts FREQUENTLY. I also think something stupid to myself like "Well while the power's out I should probably vacuum!" DUH!

  4. You are so easy! I have power and they better not take it away because, as my blog pointed out I now have and NEED the AC.

  5. HATE when that happens....glad you found an alternative source for dinner and entertainment.

  6. Dang!!!! That's never fun but you were resilient and had a "when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade" moment. What movie did you see?

  7. That used to happen to us in Texas. Sometimes it was a squirrel chewing into the wires around a transformer and sometimes it was just a blown transformer. In a few hours we'd be up and running again. Hope you're back in business by now.

  8. Our power can be iffy in the winter, thank God for books and my battery powered camp lantern.

  9. Dinner and a movie. Works for me! But it is disconcerting as KathyA says.


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