June 7, 2012


Un-hacked bushes in front of the condo.

War is being waged. 

The property manager lady wanted all the bushes vastly shorter.  There is a way of cutting the decorative bushes back that encourages growth.  It’s been done here before.  Cut off major branches which allows sun into the interior and growth in specific directions. specific heights, and less density.  It looks ugly for a while, but it works.

Not this time.  We have had a hacker at work here instead of an arborist.  The bushes are not just cut back, they have been decimated.  Several will not recover because of the landscaper’s brutality, and our Lt. Commander across the way is strongly calling the boards attention to these bare bones bushes today at the board-walk-through.  She’s backed by an arborist telling them the right way to cut back hedges.  The Great Geezer is partaking in the complaints. 

Here are the two miscreants in front of a previous cutting.  Note that there is still some green on these cut back bushes.  Note that the miscreants are not having a fit over this pruning.  Note in the top picture, that all the greenery grew back.

Bushes hacked in 2010.


  1. I love that unhacked look. What pretty flowers! I wish I had the imagination and wherewithal to grow a beautiful garden. As it is, my yard is neat, but not pretty.

  2. This sounds serious. It makes me heart sick to see someone go in with a bush whacker and slaughter hedges and then expect them to grown back to their original beauty. In Texas our part of town was full of mimosa trees that were pruned to near death every year. Crape Myrtles is another one people try to prune to death.

  3. I do hope the bushes recover....people just have no sense at times....I thought the flowering bushes looked lovely.

  4. But they are such lovely miscreants!! :)

  5. Idiots, everywhere you look idiots and I mean the hacker, not the protesters. In this case anyway. Dianne

    PS otherwise a lovely complex.

  6. Those blue lilies look gorgeous. What a shame about the bushes though. I sure hope they grow back. Art is always trying to show my mother how to prune, but she can't seem to change how she does it. Sigh.... So far, they've grown back anyway.

  7. Ooooh, now I think I know why some of our shrubs don't look so good. I need to hire a gardener. Or move to a condo where they know how to grow a beautiful garden.


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