June 5, 2012

A Day Off

Memorial Day on Mission Bay, 2012.

With school over forever on Tuesdays, I now have the day off.  I’m not used to free days, and I confess to feeling slightly guilty. 

Projects….there are always those.  I can return to scanning the family photographs.  G’s going to love having that HHHHMMMMM, Screeeeeetch, HHHhhhhhmmmmm go off right behind him with a certain regularity.  I’m not going to start entering any geneological information online until that project is done.  Everything else can just wait….as it has been. 

Poems….I’m almost done with my Arbi inspired piece, but it is only mediocre at the moment.  It might not be bad with vastly more hacking and slashing.  I’m taking it to the poetry group and I will see how that goes.

Exercise….I haven’t been doing aerobics on Wednesdays, but going in with G early worked well.  I thought I might add a half hour of jogging and aerobics by myself at the earlier hour and see how it works with work.

Sewing….I have a vest to finish for G’s Steampunk costume.  He can wear it to work at the museum and to Comic Con he being the man with the 4 day pass.  I’ve not been doing well with sewing things lately, so we will see.

No sun today.  That’s the deciding factor in my day.  And it’s voting day.      


  1. I really miss those sewing projects I used to have. Stupidly, I quit cold when a fellow I was involved with insulted one of the dresses I made. I must have been nuts. I have never been able to get back into sewing either for a new garment or simple repair. I must be nuts.

    As for poetry, I am stuck on iambic pentameter and that's pathetic.

    Maybe this new interest in food will last?

  2. You are super organized and super industrious. Do you give blood transfusions?

  3. I think the sewing project has to be #1....not everyone has a Steampunk ensemble to wear....

  4. I finally got up the nerve to read one of my poetry attempts to my new writing group yesterday. To my surprise, they thought it had potential. That gave me the nerve to read a second--written in the mid-90s--and they LOVED it and encouraged me to share it on Wintersong. I'm not sure I'm that brave yet. How is it I can write all kinds of things about me to share there, but when it comes to poetry it seems too dear to be made so public? I think you're very brave to be so generous with yours.


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