June 28, 2012


Sheets, covers, bedding, ad infinitum.

Himself:  Looking at used scooters for me for large venues. 

Herself:   Packing….oh, the deliciousness of anticipation.  Dinners and breakfasts laid out for himself.  Fine tuning what I see on the blogs and what my computer does.  I’ll be back Monday.

Reading:  Still the latest Crider.

Balance:  The gym and a shower.

Sheets.  We were tossing and turning and sleeping restlessly for the last few weeks.  Slowly it dawned on me that perhaps the weather was a little warm for flannel sheets.  Perhaps we were hot.

I mentioned this mildly, and G leapt up and grabbed a set of regular percale sheets.  Bottom sheet….stretched and didn’t fit.  I’d forgotten that we bought this set of sheets when we owned a double bed.  So after only a moment or two of panic, a new Queen sized sheet was found from the same package and quickly put on the bed. 

No more feeling nubbly cotton bumps on the legs when you moved them back and forth over the fabric.  No more comfort of a gentle flannel pillowcase tucking your head in against the cold.  No more quilts.  No more childhood memories of the bottom sheet going in to the laundry, and the top sheet moving down to take its place. 

Now in cool comfort, my legs slide to and fro across the smoothness of the polished cotton.  I’ve certainly been sleeping well, but I miss the comfort food aspect of my old flannel sheets.    


  1. I think you are on to something. I pulled the flannel cotton sheets off my bed this morning. Next three days are 100+. I need percale, I think. Dianne

  2. Nothing like flannel. I too have smooth cotton sheets on the bed now. Must say, sliding around in the coolness is good.

  3. How funny. I don't use flannel sheets but I go kicking and screaming into changing from my fleece sheets to cotton. I always have to have a few nights when I think I've had a hot flash before realizing it's time to change from fleece to cotton.

  4. I seldom use flannel sheets any moe....just too darn hot. And I absolutely hate those microfiber ones...Just bought a set of cotten sheets yesterday. We gave away all but 2 sets of our king sized when we went to twin mattresses but discovered the king is easily to fit over the two mattresses (which are in the same bed frame) so I had to buy another set of king.....(don't ask...it was my husband's idea to switch to twin sized mattresses.....oh gawd!)

  5. Flannel sheets at the end of June??? Must be nice! I took off the flannel in May!

  6. Love the feel of cool cotton sheets on a hot muggy night. Have a good weekend. We are off this weekend as well.

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling more comfortable and can get a good night's sleep now. We never use flannel sheets in Hawaii. :-)


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