July 3, 2012

Readying for the Fourth

Himself:  He watched a horrible sci-fi show while I was gone.  Now he is watching the movie.  Nobody dies in the TV show, he told me.  Worked.  Looked at BBQ’s for meeting.

Herself:   Monday: Swam and leg still looks good.  Talked with Bee, groceries, stopped into store with camera, uploaded photos, read, looked at BBQ’s for the Friday meeting with G.  I wonder where we would keep it.  Portland daughter called and thrilled me.

Us: Together we managed to get Grumpy to the dealer for his oil, lube, change out the steering wheel, paintless dent removal on the fender where I hit the trash can, replace broken cup holder, fix the seat, and most importantly, fix the leak.  A drip a day leak that annoys both of us.  (He did the same thing with the Toyota and the trash can so I don't feel quite so bad.)

Reading:  Finishing a Crider and moving on to the newest Marcia Muller. 

Balance:  Reading.

I want you to know that I would love to go down to the bay with a picnic and a good book and watch the fireworks.  I bought the ingredients for the Safeway no-fat potato salad: Red potatoes, red onion, celery, and a no fat honey mustard dressing.  We have some wonderful sandwich makings.  We have chairs.  But No.

One year we drove over near Shelter Island, walked onto the island for the fireworks, and hitchhiked off with a friend.  That worked pretty well tho traffic still slowed us down.  Walking onto the island carrying the heavy stuff this year doesn’t seem a really good idea.  I told him that we could drive down to the beach, leave the car, and take a bus down later to watch the fireworks.  We would still meet with horrific traffic when getting out of the beach itself later.  He suggested that we could go park on top of a hill.  No close up and personal there.

Himself would like to see the fireworks, but he doesn’t want to get caught in traffic.  He says he has to be functional at work the next day.  I would like to sit right, square  underneath the blasts when they go off and have my ear drums vibrating for days.  Perhaps over the next two days, we can find a compromise that amuses both of us.


  1. Hubby would like to take the boat out and watch them from offshore and I am so sick of this hot weather I could care less if I see them at all!

  2. I love them too! Trying to think of a good place with minimal traffic. HA!

  3. I'm not even tempted. I'll be trying to keep my little dog calm during the fireworks. Home it is for us. There does seem to be a lot of excitement this year about the 4th.

  4. I would love to do something special for the 4th, but I'm afraid we'll just be stick in the muds this year. I love your balloon picture. It really raises my spirits.

  5. The balloon photo is so festive. Just returned from our small town's fireworks on the beach.
    Lightening and light showers kept me in our van for awhile. But the aftermath was a delicious and rare cool breeze for this time of year on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Fireworks not as elaborate as bigger neighboring city's, but nice and traffic was bearable. Happy Independence day.

  6. We will be home before the TV in the cool air watching the fireworks on TV. Too old to hang out with the crowd. Dianne


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