November 25, 2012

25: All In Red

Yesterday was a decoration day here.

They all came down out of storage.  I opened each big box and triaged the colors as they arrived in my hands.  I was able to get rid of one bag of ornaments.  Guiltily.  That was all I could manage, hastily, rushing myself to divest myself of these golden things.  Trying not to look at myself as I banished  balls I remember buying.  I did shrink and consolidate the decorations and retire two of the big storage boxes.  That’s a big step.

Then all but the reds went back up into the above the closet storage for another year.  

G went off to the museum for the very first time since shingles.  While he was gone, I worked on the DC book in  my messy crowded office space.  The boxes sat in the living room waiting for me.  G came home just as I reached the 2/3 mark putting together the book.  He could only move, sit, talk, and be there for about three hours before the shingles won. 

What an awful disease Chickenpox and it’s long delayed sibling is. 

Maybe today I will open the ornament boxes. 

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts and donating.
  • Himself:  We changed all the passwords to everything.  He get’s very tired and still hurts.  Naps are still wonderful things.  Even his hair hurts sometimes.
  • Herself:  I’m really worried about that granddaughter.  Out to dinner at a new restaurant last night.  My dinner was a winner.  His disagreed.  Have today free.  I want to play with the tree, play with the book, go to a daytime meeting, take a shower, go to the grocery store as we are out of foods.  Oh, methinks I want too much.
  • Reading:  Finished another McCaffrey.  This series works well.
  • Balance:  Sitting in bed with a book.


    1. I stopped reading in bed when I entered my grad degree program in history. Had too or else I would never get anything read. Reading can make me sleepy sometimes.

      Such neat little cubby spaces you have. Told my granddaughter Joy to check out your blog as she is interested in photography.

      Worried about two of my granddaughters but Joy is okay.


    2. You are making me feel guilty as I have been having the change passwords duty roll in my head and the get shingles shot as well. I currently have a little cold so will wait until that is gone.

    3. I've got so many passwords though. It makes me so crazy. I did change a few, but it's hard.

      Glad to see G up and about now. I'm sorry he's still hurting. I hope you got the shingles shot.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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