April 29, 2013

Hope with Photos

The office is set up and running.  Not all the boxes are unpacked.  Still, this offers me great hope.  Hope is where it’s at when all around you is chaos. 

In other rooms, some moving back is still complex and in others are not.  Only one box remains to be unpacked in the kitchen.  I’ve decided that if I don’t use a pot or pan, I’ll put it in storage.  The living room has the two big bookcases in place, and I discarded four boxes of books.  WOW!  I worked in fits and starts taking breaks when my mind or body went blank.  

Some art got hung.  G hung the sunflowers at the top of the stairs as he left for the gym.  They are stunning on the strong orange colored walls.

The Great Geezer painted.  All the white was repainted or touched up.  The very tall wall is now a stronger terra cotta.  I haven’t unearthed all the art to put on these walls yet, but I can report that both my computer and the downstairs toilet continue to work well.  That too gives me great hope.

Now I am off to the pool, home to talk with Bee a while, and later to attend a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at about my afternoon snack time in my now unpacked clothing.   Hope indeed.

  • Keeping those on the east coast in my thoughts.

  • What is the “Quieter Home Program”:  The Airport authority is installing new triple pained windows, new doors, and HVAC for those of us who live under the flight path.  We will have deliciously quiet lives but cannot sue if they crash into us.  Free.  They have 15 days to do this.

  • Balance:  Going to that luncheon was very good for me.  It got me out of myself.  :)

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    1. Your colors are stunning. I am thinking of changing my wall colors when we have this place repainted. Will you still love me if I use your colors? Dianne

    2. I bet that everything is much easier now.

    3. Glad things are progressing so well. Cheers!

    4. Sounding better all the time.

    5. Sounds like you're moving right along.

    6. I can't wait to see all the photos when it is completely done.....love the terre cotta color.

    7. Bravo on all you both have accomplished! Operational kitchen, toilet and computer! Life is good, even in the midst of chaos.

    8. OK... I see the stained glass now. It looks spectacular. I love it!


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