August 17, 2013

Circles: A goodbye

A moment in the gardens of Balboa Park.

This is a piece I wrote for my Open Diary blog this morning.  Blogs become mini communities, and OD has been a close knit one for me for many years.  Unfortunately, the hardware hasn't been supporting the bloggers, and I wanted to keep blogging and keep a mirror blog also. Here is my post in it's entirety.

My fingers haven't been able do any regular walking to my blog on Open Diary for almost twenty days.  Eventually I was able to post an entry or three, and once I was able to delete two entries that didn’t have notes yet.  Most of you have felt just as frustrated as I.

I struggled yesterday to get a mirror blog started feeling remarkably ineffectual.  Computer programs that go beyond my brain’s parameters do that to me.  At some point, I will be able to post a blog list there, but not yet. 

I talked often to my youngest, Lenore, who is going up north to Don’s Celebration of Life.  It’s a four hour drive for her, and we are all cheering her on.  Tim, who let us know about Don’s death, will be renting a car Monday and driving to Arizona to spend some time with my Ex-Paul.  They were always good friends.  These two kind acts will help bring the circle closer to us all.

The Great Geezer will be installing a handrail down to the garage this morning.  This will give me access to the great outdoors via a car or truck.  Another circle completed.  I started Journaling in 1974, and I began blogging on Xanga and moved on to Wordpress then to OD sometime in the 1990’s.  I hate giving up on Open Diary, but right now I don’t have time to be frustrated and out of sorts.  In this case, it’s an opening of a long held circle and a letting go that will free me.

I will be back.  I’ll read your blogs.  They can’t get rid of me as I am a lifetime member and not at all dead.  Just for the moment though, I’m waving at you from Blogger and Wordpress.

Life is Really in the Footnotes

  • Himself:  Worked, babysat me, went to a meeting, and watched some more of West Wing, season five.

  • Herself:  Didn’t do enough of the exercise, but walked to the corner twice.  Fixed a salad for dinner and snuck an extra piece of cheese.  Read and West Winged till the Geezer’s head began bobbing.  Only woke three times in the night.

  • Reading:  Rediscovering Hillerman

  • Balance:  Feeling better at last.


    1. Some exercise is better than none! So glad you are feeling better and that the circles, whether cyber, emotional or physical are receiving thoughtful and positive care.

    2. Sending you hugs and good thoughts. This has been a rough time for you. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. It's tough seeing our friends pass on. Keep on moving.

    3. Keeping you in my thoughts. Always the highest places for you, sweet Mage.

    4. I've been waiting for three (I mean 4) little words: feeling better at last. Yea! Knew you would.

    5. I tried to open this post on OD this morning and it gave me the message that this diary did not exist! Glad to have found my way to you here.


    6. And there is a time for all things. I will miss you more than you know.

    7. How exasperating, to have a site fail when you really need your friends.

      I'm glad you sound as if you're healing. Take care.

    8. I wish there was a way that my blog could be mirrored on Wordpress without me having to copy and paste it on Wordpress all the time. Still, I really want that protection since I've heard Blogger could have a glitch and eat your blog.

    9. Being a Midwesterner, Aunt Marge was crazy about Tony Hillerman's books. I read one but no more as I was working fulltime and in school at the time.

      I loved the PBS series starring Wes Studi (the "horrible" Indian Magwa who kills the last of the Mohiccans in the film 'Last of the Mohiccans' and several of Kevin Costner's friends in 'Dances with Wolves.' Despite his fearsome looks, he actually makes a charming leading man.

      Was thinking about Hillerman, only a day or two ago. I must be catching your brain waves.

      Now if I can catch some art waves.

    10. Do not slow down on your exercise...push a little more and please be careful on what you eat. I want you back in full soon and these next months are the KEY!! Ok, the mother in me will now retire.

    11. By the way, Mage. Did you see my reply to you about Wordpress on my blog?

    12. hello and waving back to you, dear Mage!
      how good to see you posting...I will catch up on all that I missed.
      and thank you for all your comments. Love how good you are about keeping in touch! so sorry about Don. Hugs to you. Happy summer, and more soon! xoxo c!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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