August 29, 2013

Lite Lift Off

Bedroom bookcase.  The few Hillerman’s are top center on the left.

Continuing my search for gentler books to read in my own bookcases, I discovered I owned only ten Hillerman’s.  Some of these are in late stage mold status.  I must have lost my temper and thrown the rest of the mold away.  That’s all I can think of.

My eye fell on two Knox’s.  My memory tells me that these were really good.  Before I go buy used copies of all these fifty novels, I’d better read one to see if I still like him.  A Scot, he wrote under a handful of pseudonyms for the American market:  Michael Kirk, Robert MacLeod and Noah Webster.  

While I dug among the books yesterday, I also tried to solve the problem of the thousand dollar, miss-billed, ambulance ride.  They said the insurance company denied payment, but they were supposed to bill my medical group.  They didn’t.  In the end, after a series of 1-800 calls, I did get the answer, “If you don’t hear from us, it’s resolved.  Check to see if this has been paid on your “this-is-not-a-bill.”  Gee, that’s not the immediate solution I was looking for. 

Next call I tackled.  With the Mystery Guild quadruple invoicing PayPal, the PayPal folks couldn’t have been nicer.  I’d bought two books before I left for surgery, and something happened to make the transaction incomplete.  I took the transaction was off PayPal’s roster, and I removed them as the payee from the Mystery Guild. 

I didn’t have good luck with the Mystery Guild.  Not only couldn’t I cancel my account, I couldn’t get those two books off the record.  The lady I last talked to insisted the books had shipped, that the web site was down, that I couldn’t’ cancel my account, then she hung up on me. 

I still felt triumphant that I was able to deal with all this without yelling or chafing at being on hold for half an hour.  I am really triumphant that I was able to make the bed this morning too.  I’ve folded up the upstairs walker except for those exercises.  We have lite lift off. 

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  • Himself:  Makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, does the laundry and dishes plus won’t let me do anything till next week and I am cleared by the doc.  Later I can make dinner, he tells me.
  • Herself:  Beginning to get bored…a sign that I am getting vastly better.
  • Reading:  Nothing.
  • Balance:  The exercises.


    1. Boredom is the sign I wait for too. Amazing patience with the no customer service people.

    2. I hate hate hate bill issues. I loathe people who are short with their customer service mode. You deserve a medal for holding your temper. I got so mad at an apartment that insisted I had not paid the final rent...even after showing them the canceled check that I wrote them a long complaint and cc'd everyone from the state auditor, the state rental ombudsmen, the BBB and the president of their company...that got me results!

    3. I am extra careful with direct online payments; I closed PayPal last time I got hacked. To vendors who use PayPal as their "middle man," my perfectly good credit card is rejected. No problem -- I have others.

      That said, the people at PayPal were far nicer than those at Mystery Guild or any of its sister clubs. Without a place for books (or anyone who will carry my old ones to the nursing home or the second-hand shops, I dare not buy books just now. Except when my online friends write them. 8)

    4. Lift off, indeed! It is a sure sign that you are feeling better, my dear. Marathons soon.

    5. You are handling this experience like a pro. Not good to lose one's temper. I learned this the hard way. Try Alison Weir. I like her novels and have several on my Kindle for later reading. I passed on all the paperback books to Connie's MIL, age 99, who is in a retirement home now.

      Love your setup in the bedroom. Mine is rather spartan. Dianne

    6. Actually, I meant Jacquiline Winspear. Don't know why I mix her up with Weir. Dianne

    7. I don't think there is customer service any more. Most newer hired employees have no idea how to think outside the box to fix a problem ~ and often they are not allowed to do it anyway. But the rudeness of those employees is unbelievable these days. Good luck with your phone calls.

    8. And she did it all sitting down.

      Muchas Smuchas

    9. You are much more patient than I am. I've had my share of frustrating calls lately too - customer service is pretty much a forgotten value. So happy to hear that you are doing so well!

    10. Grrrrr! You were admirably civilized in that Mystery Guild encounter. I, on the other hand, would be emitting loud, uncivilized growls right now on your behalf if I were not at our favorite coffee shop. So I am sitting quietly, adding to their AC costs as steam issues from my ears.

      And bravo on making the bed, retiring the upstairs walker and keeping up with those exercises.


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