August 28, 2013

Tools 1

I didn’t know that there was golden  cauliflower.

Getting one foot in front of the other is hard for this very sleepy person.  I got out there and walked totally half way around the block from garage to front door for the very first time yesterday.  A great triumph.  I couldn’t have done it without the walker-with-a-seat…burgundy in color, that is a most useful tool.  After going up one gentle slope and one genuine hill.  I sat.  Then when I had caught my breath, I headed up and down to my front door.  It’s amazing how out of shape one can get in two months of doing nothing.

Today, I’m going to try to go garage to garage.  Sometimes life’s triumphs are taken one step at a time.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Had a good day at work.  Discovered compression stockings had gone up ten bucks.  Took me grocery shopping and didn’t tell me I needed a meeting.

  • Herself:  Writing this journal so I don’t forget…not bragging.  Need to remember lessons from the last big surgery, I tried to walk on the beach and had to be brought home by the lifeguards.  They knew me.  Very embarrassing.  Yesterday, G didn’t let me over nap.  Hillerman fits my brain right now.  Shall I give the Kellerman’s away?

  • Reading:  One of the first Hillerman’s.

  • Balance:  My broken toe.


    1. That's great Mage.
      Very few people in Minehead walk without some sort of aid.

    2. It doesn't matter what color it is, it is still cauliflower! Only one step above brussel sprouts.

      Muchas Smuchas

    3. Bravo for persevering! As my mother and MIL aged, I observed the difference in elders who refused to use those "tools" because they did not want to look old.

      Those who used tools, though, kept active longer and with less risk to themselves and those they depended on for mobility.

    4. “But I've bought a big bat.
      I'm all ready, you see.
      Now my troubles are going
      To have troubles with me!”
      ― Dr. Seuss

      Great progress Mage.

    5. glad to read you are making progress. Currently my mind is mush and I don't seem to care....LOL

    6. Oh NO a broken toe? How did you manage that? And where is the photo of the colorful walker.

      I gave blood to the hospital today. No, not a pint, the usual for a CBC. Ate hospital food too. Cod = good; Onion rings = not so good. Silly me.


    7. You're my hero! I wish my sister would have had the determination that you do - she might not be in a wheelchair today. Keep up the good work. Are you sleepy because of not being able to sleep?

    8. OK you can start pushing a little more. You are really moving forward here. So proud of you!!!

    9. I've never seen a cauliflower like that. It's really rather pretty.

      Good for you with your walking, Mage!


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