September 3, 2013


Where I have been freed by my surgeon to live my life again, my first husband, Paul’s life is coming to an end.

His wife called both kids and is paying their way to Arizona.  He had his last radiation today while I was dancing my way out of the doctor’s office.  Margot is full of fear and in tears.  My youngest will get here after four tomorrow, and they all will stop here for dinner on their way to Margot’s house.  We all thought Mikey would long outlive Paul, but that’s not how it went.

Paul was a brilliant photographer, a great teacher, and a good sculptor.  In the end, he found a balance in his life with a third family.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Took me to the doctor’s office, took me on an estimate, and now is working his tush off.  Movie night tonight.

  • Herself:  Feeling frail tho I have been freed.  Pool tomorrow and Thrift store photos today.

  • Reading:  Mrs. Tim Gets a Job.  Delightful and gentle.

  • Balance:  Walking around the mall yesterday.

    1. I think you're feeling frail because of emotional issues, more than just the post-surgical stuff.


    2. Wow. The photo of his head in the hat....a great photo. He has character lines. I assume he lived his life hard and fully, just from that profile.

      Keep healing.

    3. Congratulations on being able to resume "normal" life with all it's joys and sorrows.

    4. I'm sorry this sad ending is coming to your ex. I have noticed a decline in my own dear husband these past few's just a hard adjustment to make.

    5. I keep returning to see this photo of the two of you. So impressive.

    6. Strange how the feeling of frailness overcomes one in the midst of major progress. Reminders of the fragility of the lives near or far which have touched our own can do that. Thoughts with you un this time.

    7. This is so sad, Mage. I'm thrilled that you're doing better, but I can see the sadness here too. I'm reading backwards so I realize now why your girls are going to visit their dad.


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