September 2, 2013

Last Day Details

American Pride from Anthony’s Seafood Grotto deck.  2008

American Pride detail.  2008.

Coiled Lines on the Gloria, 2008.

The new and the old tucked under the ferry Berkley’s hull.  2008.

Lynx bowsprit, 2008.

Lynx woven pad, 2008.

America’s cockpit.  2010.


Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Played, then to Target where he bought a new game, dinner with Bobbie and family at Sipz, and into season 7 of West Wing.

  • Herself:  Got a sturdy new backrest at Target…bright lime green, and dinner with Bobbie.  She’s looking thin but elegant.  My usual dinner disagreed for the second time. 

  • Reading:  My Berlin Kitchen.

  • Balance:  Keeping life simple.


    1. Wonderful pictures, I can just about smell the salt water.

    2. So why does the fellow on the first photo of the Lynx have black feet and white arms and ear? Love the photos and I know you miss it this year.

      Got 'My Blog' bookmarked, but now and then bookmark does not work properly. It's weird. Dianne

    3. Love the nautical photos!!

      How are you healing, Dear? Doing well, I hope!

    4. Your photos are always so artful, beautifully compositioned, crisp and colorful. I hope you're enjoying your book.

    5. Looks like you're doing well by the accounting of activities here. Who knew pictures of knots could be so neat? As for the others, not a bad one in the bunch.

    6. Thanks to both of you for proper appreciation of my cow jokes ;-p snicker.

    7. I am enjoying your capture of colors, geometry, texture.



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