September 6, 2013

Friday Lite

Zuchini?  Cucumbers?  I thought I knew.

  • The sky is an ugly yellow this morning, and the air is cooled by sprinkles.  It’s rather surrealistic.  I like it.

  • The kids made it to Arizona in Margot’s tired looking car….which of course has been prompting me to suggest we buy a few parts for a beautification program.  Only a mother would think this way.

  • The Geezer, , has begun a blog here on Blogger.  He isn’t posting very often, but between work, work on the road, and work, at least he’s put up a few shots.  For two days I got to go along on his road trips and I had fun.

  • I kept life very simple yesterday taking a half a pain pill, slept till 0430 again, and tho my hip feels fine, the tendon/ligament does not.  I’ll start back at the pool either tomorrow or Monday very gently and wait for the doc to come back in his office.  Regular doc visit Monday also.

  • After asking the kids permission, I built a photo album for them about their Pop.  I have lots of pictures from 1962 through 1974 then few at all.  Divorce does that.

  • It looks as if our obsession with the “West Wing” will be ending just at the time the new season of both NCIS’s will begin.  We sure are enjoying it tho it has become weighty in this last season.  The actor John Spencer, died at the end of season six, but they have eased his presence into the final season with great expertise.  Wikipedia tells us, “Spencer's death was subsequently written into the show's seventh and final season, in which McGarry was said to have died of a heart attack on election night. It was a strange twist of fate that McGarry had also suffered a life-threatening heart attack earlier in the show's sixth season episode "The Birnam Wood".[6] Spencer's name remained in the opening credits through the remainder of the show's seventh and final season.”

  • Write, shower, work, put my name on my fancy seat cushion.  Stay only until I get tired and come home to nap.  Life is good that way.

    1. Re the photo we call them courgettes - I bought some today. I either roast or boil them with other veg.
      What would we do without our naps?

    2. So what is the brand of your fancy seat cushion?

      The actor John Thaw died around the time they filmed the last episode of Morse. Too sad. I am always sad when an actor I like dies. Anna Massey and Graham Crowden come to mind.

      Does this mean I live in la-la land?

    3. Cucumbers or zucchini. My mother occasionally sautéed cucumber slices, much in the manner that I would cook zucchini. (Mom only used yellow squash; she didn't trust veggies she didn't know.)

      And I would happily put thin-sliced zucchini -- cooked or raw -- into a salad.

    4. How special and lovely that you have put together a photo album of the girls' father. I am sure they will especially treasure those pictures now.

    5. Kudos on the photo album, a heart felt gift. I just finished the two election day segments of "West Wing" and even though I knew what was coming it made me weepy. Loved Spencer and Leo.

    6. My first on veggies was zuchinni, then I thought of some different-looking cukes I saw earlier this summer. Evidently a taste test was not allowed.

    7. I'm so glad your hip is healing. Ahhh... so the Geezer is starting a blog. I shall have to pop over and check it out. What fun!

      I've just started Netflix again, but can't seem to find time to watch something, read AND blog. Sigh...

    8. M-thanks for all your kind notes; they really do shore me up. Yes, this place has clean sheets and does laundry daily!

      It will feel so nice to be back in the pool and be able to exercise weightlessly. It sounds like you are recovering well. How nice of you to do a photo album for your girls, I'm sure they will treasure it.

    9. Zucchini? Cucumbers? What a Pickle!

    10. Zucchini - Cucumber, I love both! I thought it was zucchini on your lovely photo, but reading the comments suggests it is cucumber.

      I clicked over to the Geeezer. What a powerful header photo! Best wishes to him in having the fun that we all have with our blogs. I'll be sure to stop by his during my rounds as he appears to be a photographer with an eye.

    11. I am reading, not commenting much. I am sad and uninterested in most everything right now... I am glad you are recovering, keep up the good work...


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