September 30, 2013

Monday Mini's

Star of India mast.
  • The Star of India, the world’s last iron hulled sailing ship was 150 years this weekend.  That’s pretty big stuff, and the San Diego Maritime Museum celebrated her birthday with a Gala out in the middle of the bay.  The web site for the museum, , shows a banner picture of the occasion.  My mother and her third husband, Bob, had a yacht.  We were able to go out with her the first time she sailed in 1984.  Not a bit of wind.  Blurry pictures to record the day, but oh, the excitement of that very first sail. 

  • Families:  Heard from Margot in AZ but nothing since.  Nothing from Timothy who drove out, but Bobbie is OK.  She consulted an attorney and now knows where she and her family stand.  Since she is the executor and responsible for her mother’s estate, unless they all cooperate, she’s SOL.  She shared an appalling statistic with me this morning.  Almost 70% of caretakers die in the first year after someone dies.  George’s mother caretook his dad and died almost a year to the day after his father died.  Then again, my mother caretook her father, her husband, and his mother.  When they all died, she lost weight, bought a new wardrobe, and took a cruise around the world.  She wasn’t one of the 70%.

  • We didn’t feel well yesterday.  We had some wonderful bloggers to visit, and neither of us were ourselves enough to take them to lunch.  We just stayed home and were lumps in tandem with not an appetite in sight.  Only one thing woke my guilt bump.  My lovely visitor put her hand on the bed quilt…perhaps admiring it, and it was filthy.  Now I feel better, he’s getting there, and the bedroom quilts are really sparkling clean.

  • Life is Really in the Footnotes:
      He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Gym, laundry, work, and meeting.  Mundane moments that are appreciated.
  • Herself:  Gym, shopped, cleaners, shopped again for soap to take with me to the Laundromat (as the quilt was too big to fit in ours), and took my keeper ring to have a garnet replaced.
  • Reading:  One of the Tony Hillerman’s.
  • Balance:  Taking care of myself.


    1. You sound very very pensive these days. Finally added Geezer to my blog roll. As to myself, licking wounds and blogging (reading) too much.

    2. Happy birthday, Star of India! How exciting to be in one of the yachts accompanying her in 1984!
      Those are horrific figures on care-takers.

    3. Interesting about the caretaker - that happened with my aunt and uncle. He said he figured God kept him alive long enough to take care of his wife and he passed away less than a year later.

    4. As I haven't yet died of a broken heart I'm going to try to emulate your mother.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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