September 4, 2013

Passing Through

My wize guys,....2008.

Both kids will be passing through here tonight.  Laka, the youngest, ordered pizza here from her favorite place.  I could hear homesickness in her enthusiasm.  Margot is coming down to pick her up, and they will stop here for dinner.  Zoe is spending the weekend with Margot’s wonderful sponsor.  The ladies will leave before dawn for Arizona to see their Pop.  It was very kind of their stepmother to urge them to come and to pay their way.  Paul must have wanted to see them both.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Was especially kind yesterday.  Dinner was simple, and we have passed Toby’s confession and are well into the election  on the West Wing.  WW addicts be us.

  • Herself:  Made the bed, made the store photos, and made the dinner salad.  I feel sort of functional again.  Walked 20 minutes in the water this morning…..warmly greeted everywhere.

  • Reading:  A book about rowing in the 1939 Olympics.

  • Balance:  West Wing.


    1. How long was it from the day of surgery to the walk in the water? i lost track. Glad the girls can see their Dad. Very important. Their stepmother sounds nicer than mine ever was. Dianne

    2. The only good thing about a terminal illness is that people and family can take the time to say their goodbyes....

    3. Yes, your daughters' kindness is apparent. As is the fact they are their mothers' daughters.

      Did you say you walked 'on' water? COOL!! ;) I knew you were special!

      Yes, I'm starting to feel normal again. Not yet glad I had the replacement, but am getting there.

    4. Good the girls will see their dad, and wonderful that you get to see them too. They have great smiles.

    5. It's wonderful to know that they will be able to see their dad. It will be important for them all to make that connection.


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