September 1, 2013


ARC Gloria, 2008.

The ARC Gloria is Columbia’s training ship, and is a newcomer to the world of sail.  In 1966, the Columbian Navy authorized the construction of a sail training ship, and the ARC Gloria was completed in 1968.  The ship was named after the Columbian Defense Minister General Reveiz, and it was named after his wife, Mrs. Gloria de Reveiz.

The ARC Gloria is a three masted barque that displaces 1,300 tons and is 212 feet long.  She has a diesel engine, and her speed is ten knots under power.  As she travels on her training voyages, she acts as a goodwill ambassador for Columbia opening for visitors on her various stops.

She is white with an apple green trim.

Steps leading up to the bridge.

Mast and shroud details.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:

  • Himself:  Took me to JCP, made lunch, found fans at the museum where it was unbearably hot, dinner at Costco, and the last of season 6 West Wing.  He says he had a good day.

  • Herself:  When it  get’s to 94, even I need shorts especially if they are two sizes smaller.  After a great half sandwich, I tried to nap.  Phone.  Talked to both kids after I heard their Pop collapsed after both his brother and Tim visited.  Did a lot of walking.

  • Reading:  A rather nostalgic look at "My Berlin Kitchen.”

  • Balance:  Coolness of a fan.


    1. What a gorgeous ship! I really loved seeing the photo of you and G. You had such a gorgeous day!

    2. Oh my, beautiful shots of majestic vessels! Thank you for taking me along--again! When I have more time, I will figure out how to put photos here, but for now, not.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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