October 5, 2013

Life In the Digital Age

The giant analog TV downstairs.

Frankly, I wanted to record a show while watching another show.  What we discovered was that technology had passed us by.

He started by researching recording machines on the internet.  After a great deal of work, we hit the streets with a general idea of what he wanted.  I wanted to record a show or two on the old analog TV downstairs while watching something on the almost modern TV upstairs.

Target, where you used to be able to find a low cost piece of electronics, had nothing that recorded.  Moving on to Radio Shack, he discovered they had nothing either.  From there, we wandered up to Best Buy.  We bought a recorder, and after a struggle getting it set up discovered that it would only record if we owned a separate tuner box.  We do not. 

The following night, back it went.  On our way to Frye’s, we stopped at Walmart over my inner objections.  I sat in the truck.  Nope, they didn’t have anything with tuner’s either.  Frye’s did…at $400 plus bucks. 

“It’s your decision,” I told him.

After a weighty period of hemming and hawing, he bought a $400 dollar recorder, and we brought it home.  He didn’t set it up, but he did sleep on that $400 bucks.  I let him.  This morning, after a certain degree of muttering, he began researching our options with our cable supplier.  Bobbie was murmuring in my ear asking why we didn’t go with Roku or Hulu and Netflix.

“I hate Cox,” she told me.

Me…I don’t care.  We haven’t had trouble with them yet, and we have used them since 1984.

G discovered that a box with expanded channels through Cox, including the National G Channel, was only $19 bucks a month more than what we pay now.  Most of these will be in HiDef.  No more big black borders on all our TV viewing.  He can still watch his morning news on the old analog TV, and we can relax in comfort upstairs when we want to be digital.  Maybe we will be able to see details for the first time too.  Imagine, we can record two shows and watch one…if we can find that many shows to watch at once. 

This is pretty fancy stuff for us hard core old-timers.  We are looking forward to jumping into the digital age.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  He’s also begun a blog here on Blogger.  Today a new show at The Automotive Museum in the Park:  Corvettes.  Despite all the full about the TV, he made it to the show on time.  Third day on Atkins.  He’s lost 8 pounds so far.  Lots of vitamins.  Lots of “Whoooooooooo Hooooooooo’s” from that Wednesday Camel ad.
  • Herself:  I missed my flu shot because I forgot the appointment.  I hate things like this.  Had fun at work but overworked myself again yesterday.  Still stayed 3 hours of walking.
  • Reading:  From the SD Library, “Mrs. Tim Carries On.”  It’s delightful.
  • Balance:  I have to work far, far harder at this so I won’t be over tired at the end of the day.


    1. It really is getting more and more difficult to find old technology. We're finding that Netflix streaming is enough for us now. It's taking away enough of my blogging time.

    2. I am still recording programs on my PC, hooked up to my cable. It's an old computer and came with that feature. As for the rest of the products, I dunno! When I get frustrated I go back to reading books, the in my hand kind. ;-)

    3. If you are only paying $19 for Hi-def i must assume this is extra, added to your regular bill. If not, I may look into Cox. Comc++t provides our internet, computer and land line...it is called a 'bundle' and it costs a bundle.

    4. We are all being dragged into the digital age, aren't we. Our televisions changed over from analogue to digital just after Jess moved into her aged care hostel. We dragged her heavy tv into her new room, but soon discovered the recommended digital transformer didn't work as her tv was so old, so out it went again. She now has a nice little digital tv, but I'm not sure she has ever worked out how to switch it on.

    5. I don't know why we go kicking and screaming into the digital age when really everything works so much better. But we do.

    6. I'm still getting used to all the stuff with my new internet/tv/phone provider. I do like that I can record now. HD is nice but sometimes I'd rather not see such detail on people's complexions! And not having the black box on the digital tv is nice. I really like it for sports on tv.

    7. I LOVE watching one show while recording another. OR recording two different shows at the same time.

      Actually what I really love is being able to fast-forward through commercials!

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    10. I've been fiddling with my new Iphone most of the day, and am exhausted.

    11. Don't recall ever seeing this view before.

    12. You are so lucky to have a partner who is a techy.
      You are so lucky to have a partner:)


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