November 11, 2013

Army Misfit

The Star of India followed by the Californian yesterday at sunset, 2013.

I joke about joining the military. 

“I ran away from home to join the Army,” I tell folks.

The truth isn’t far from the facts, and when I got through basic training I discovered I brought myself.  I couldn’t laugh at myself in those days.  I can now though.

First of all, they stuck a person who couldn’t add or subtract much less see numbers in the Finance Corps.  I showed up for work every day I didn’t have a blinding headache.  Then one day, someone suggested I transfer to Special Services on a temporary basis.  I helped build and paint sets then run the lights for several traveling musicals.  It was heaven.  I was home.  No more crying my eyes out over a glass of something while I banged on the out of tune piano in the rec room.

They wouldn’t transfer me over there permanently.  Darn it.  For I was truly a misfit in the military. 

The day I was to get out of the Army as I was now married and pregnant, there was to be a grand military parade for a famous general.  My then husband and his cohort in confusions, Carradine, choreographed a buck and wing while tipping their chrome pots.  Right in front of the reviewing stand, of course.  I was hiding underneath.

I’ll never forget this send off, the laughter, or the court martials.

Life is Really in the Footnotes:
  Did all our errands plus fixed his broken light.  Two estate sales plus docenting.

  • Herself:  Pleased to get the big red Bokhara down in the living room. Sorry to miss the Star in the Morning but pleased to get her at night.

  • Reading:  Between books again.

  • Balance:  A little introspection.


    1. Mage, sincerely whatever your reasons, thank you for serving. What a life testing process that must be.

    2. It was fun to watch the Star come in.

    3. Wonderful photo. I will show to David.

      Yes, Williamsbrg is great. Most trips enjoyable, but went there once at Christmas with husband #2 who was stationed at Ft Eustis with transportation org before I met him. It rained for the whole weekend. Got pneumonia, but did stay in one of the historic buildings.

      David and I went there once as part of a trip to a state-wide, Al-Anon convention. Lovely trip with much square dancing at hotel.

      Memories…always a mixture of events...

    4. I felt really angry reading how you had been put in the Finance Corps in the Army. How unfair! i would hope that these days
      a. recruits would be tested for suitability before given a position and
      b. they would have the opportunity to ask for a change, giving reasons, and be listened to.
      I hope I'm right - I may not be.

    5. Having met me I am sure you will be surprised that in my loss for a career direction when I was young caused me to seriously toy with the idea of the military...which was so not me! I am NOT GOOD at following orders for great lengths of time and I was tremendously naive. They would have had a field day training me!

    6. Misfit? Weren't we all to some degree when we were young... So glad you took everything and you are the you I love today...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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