November 29, 2013

Seasonal Snippets 1

Captain Poolie and her sister Mia attentively listening to their guests over a Thanksgiving meal.

The Great Geezer and his vastly overweight M.

Home for a quiet time, then we took down to Christmas boxes.

There are all sorts of animals that I haven’t seen for all the years we decorated in blue or red.  Lots of cats….ceramic, felt, or even metal.  It was so much fun to rediscover them.

I was amazed at all the critters and characters we had to put on our tiny tree.  When I get all the stuffed animals out, I bet I feel even more amazed.  This idea of George's for a Character Christmas Tree is a very good one.


  1. What nice ornaments, Mage. I plan to decorate my artificial tree today. Looking forward to having a nice time with hubby.

  2. The tree is certainly taking shape.

  3. I had a lovely time with you guys. It was all lovely!

  4. It looks all cozy and snug. I like the two portrait photos.

  5. I love your cats. I love old ornaments. I gave most of mine to my daughter. I visit her at Christmas to see them.

    Poolie looks thoughtful o is it pensive?

  6. Great to see your ornaments, I imagine they bring up all kinds of memories. Tis the season...

  7. You remind me I need to get out my tiny tree and decorate it. But not today. I've had people here all day and all I now want to do is sit, with my feet stretched out in front of me.
    I love your ornaments!

  8. I gave away all the ornaments to the kids when they were finally settled and get to the nostalgia when I visit them over the holidays. My tree now is far less nostalgic and far more artistic and red and gold (red is a color I love, you will remember).

  9. So beautiful, Mage. You've got me into the spirit. We'll put up our tree tomorrow. Your photos are always so fabulous, they sparkle.

  10. Katren...In ConclusionDecember 1, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    Your trees, of late years, are all artistic and lovely, but I think that I like this one best. A tree full of gee-gaws and laughter and good memories and amazing discoveries is just right for Christmas.


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