February 11, 2014


Clickety clack.

I offer a very lackadaisical read this morning.  As George’s common cold improves, I begin flaunting a similar version late Monday evening.  You can hear my sneezes a mile away.  My nose blowing sounds like a duck calling for its mate.  I don’t believe they will want me at the discovery shop tomorrow for the pricing class or on Wednesday for the many books that arrived over the weekend.  Bobbie tells me that not only am I high acid, but that my immune system is down.  I don’t argue, but I remind her that I kissed him.  My only excuse.

I remind myself that I am a pariah.

  • Himself:  Worked all day with only a few bits of mushyness.  Did the laundry too.
  • Herself:  Got fresh pictures at the shop, hugged a deal lady there before I knew I had this cold, grocery shopping, fixed a simple dinner, and now am blowing my nose very unromantically.
  • Reading:  A new to me Robert Crais.
  • Balance:  Blowing my nose.


    1. Did you look out the window? Are there a bunch of drakes out there? Photo? So sorry...!

    2. According to my mother, California is harder on your skin than New England. She might have been right...or it might be genetic. (I am older than you and have no wrinkles.)

      You are always entitled to kiss, if he will let you.

    3. Some kisses are worth the risk.

    4. I've always like that sone, "They Call the Wind Pariah"! ;)

    5. My cold is much better, but I stayed out of the pool for that's week. Still feeling chilly., but our high today is 23 degrees.

    6. A Week.... Blind too!

    7. Gee, I haven't had that kind of sneezy cold in ages. Hope you feel better in a jiffy.

    8. Hot water fresh lemon and honey - mix together and sip. Makes you feel good.
      Should take about a week for a cold to leave your body. Hope you feel better soon.

    9. I hope you didn't get my cold.
      Bracing myself to go out tomorrow to get provisions- if only the ran would stop.
      I know it's good for the complexion but enough already!

    10. I've been taking Airborne, even though I know that it doesn't really, really prevent colds. Still, I'm thinking...if I just BELIEVE, it will work.


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