February 13, 2014

Perhaps I'm a Hat

The Fresnel lens at the top of the Cabrillo Lighthouse.

Life is simple.  Read, nap, go out to dinner or invent a dinner that takes no effort, and read before going to bed early.  Did I mention blowing my nose.  Every day is better though my days are filled with cold details.  G is getting better.  I wish I had better news but there’s none from here. 

  • Himself:  Worked or played at his computer all day.  I worry.
  • Herself:  Can’t walk across a room without breaking into a sweat.
  • Reading:  ”The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.  Rereading this as I remembered it fondly.

  • Balance:  Napping.

    1. Common colds do give you a different perspective.

    2. I have three words for you...oranges, lemons and limes. I would say grapefruit but that is off the list for most medications. Stuff yourself on Clemintines or tangerines and drink a nice glass of limeade. Be thankful that you are not huddled in the corner of a house avoiding all the freezing rooms. I have not been sick for almost two years, but know that this cannot last!

    3. Hot tea and a heating pad are my favorites, hope you're better soon.

    4. Don't forget to moisten the skin especially round your nose.
      That reminds me - I'll go and do mine.

    5. Hope you feel better soon. I loved that book, too.

    6. When you are sick it's good to lie low. You are too funny...Maudlin was great, but you know tons about architecture of the third reich.

    7. Hope by now you are feeling better....I'm sure you will be missed at the shops and other places that you visit every week.

    8. I'm glad you're letting yourself rest to get better, Mage.


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