March 9, 2014

A Sunday Surprise

Rail lines into the heart of Chicago from our hotel room, 2011.

Last night Lonely Rivers told me there were internships available on Amtrak.  (My friend Katy should apply too.)  There certainly is, and I leapt right into it without both feet totally attached.  I could fill out the application, I could attach a sample of my writing, and I could even give them my Facebook information.  But I didn’t have a required Twitter account.  It asked, “What’s your handle?

This man embodied our wonderful experience going cross country on the train.

Oh, what a struggle.  Once, long, long ago, I did have a Twitter account, but I never became fluent in Twitter.  Last night, it took both G and I an hour to figure out how to sign up.  I’m sure kids of all ages can do this easily.  Not the two of us.  Even this morning I was still struggling through the CNN headlines to the meat of the miles of twitters.  The Great Geezer spotted the button to Twitter, not I. 

In the middle of beauty was this creation,  No, I don’t know what it is.

Blog your journey, the Amtrak Blog suggests.  I’ve been doing this as long as I’ve been taking the train, but I’d gladly do it again.  So I applied for the internship.  Why not.  I’m passionate about trains.

  • Himself:  Bathroom stuff.  Installing the new toilet and looking at the leak in the shower.
  • Herself:  Staying out of his way.  Getting dressed up to read the Traditions at the Old Town Speaker’s Meeting that’s held not in Old Town but on top of Mount Soledad.
  • Reading:  Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal.  Ok so far, but I just started.
  • Balance:  Showering even if the leak isn’t fixed yet.
  • Laughter: Dana Stabanow brought these hillarious and clever ads to our attention.


    1. I hope you get the internship with would be wonderful doing have the photos and the writing talent....I sure hope it works out for you. I'm still struggling with my book manuscript....trying to get it into a PDF format has been a real chore....trying once again to edit it and then hope it works this time.

    2. I had read about this a while ago, but never thought it would apply to bloggers...for some reason I did not hold them to the highest level of writers...egad!

    3. Cool, I love your writing, you'd be great. Hooray for the potty installer.

    4. Tried to leaves message earlier. Do't know what happened. Installed Twitter on my phone and IPad. Look me up. Sent the ID via phone.

    5. I have Twitter, but have forgotten how to install it.

    6. You're on the right track now

    7. Yay! So glad you are all hash tagged and twittered for a new adventure.

    8. Sent the account info via the phone number you gave me ...George?

    9. Buried the Twitter account info on an older post. Should show up on your iPad.

    10. I have a Twitter account, but wasn't sure that I wanted to use it. However, I can't get it out of my mind, so I will eventually solicit my daughter's friend to give me the rundown. Surprisingly, my girls are not into it. Guess you gotta have a reason. And you've got one! Good Luck! :)

      Great picture of you! You look happy and joyful.

    11. If Amtrak foolishly passes you by, let us try to get onboard CG cutters, other military vessels, or big containerships...!


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