March 2, 2014

Beautiful Rain

Surfing the storm waves.

Rain, rain; I still haven’t grown tired of it.  The chill in the air, the bands of rain hissing downward toward the ocean, and the drum beat of the rain on the roof.  The pier is closed here.  Fools were standing out on the end with waves battering the concrete and wood while drenching them.  We hope that only strong ocean swimmers still surf.

Homeless are washed away down the local rivers away from their encampments.  They usually can’t swim.  All roads that cross the rivers and streams from the border up are guarded by someone….often guards on the river rescue team.  Captain Poolie has some wonderful river flood photos on her blog here.

“Oh, the plastic is nice and tight,” said one homeless man of his river bottom home to a TV interviewer.  There are encampments not only on the river’s edge, but they live in the middle of freeways, in canyons and valleys, in doorways guarded by sandbags, and scattered under overpasses through out the city.  Usually the homeless here last only two years.  Even if they are fed and have minimal shelter, two years is maximum.

My once homeless daughter is packing to go north to her fire classes.  A very few of us survive being homeless, she did.  I can’t tell you how proud of her we are.

  • Panama Cams: Lots of views of the locks.
  • Himself:  The estate sale king didn’t find anything to buy at two estate sales.  The museum was packed tho, and he came home to a simple dinner and some nesting.

  • Herself:  Morning with G, and the afternoon running errands.  WE had a baked squash, cucumber salad with 0 fat yogurt, a tossed green and veggie salad, and for desert a three point fudge bar.  Whoooooo Eeeee!

  • Reading:  I confess to only bloggers.

  • Balance:  Another estate sale this morning, and Oscars this evening.


    1. Salad sounds interesting. We had broiled Tilapia and green beans for our dinner. Promised David banana recipe with location milk and Splenda. Fewer calories than you might think!

    2. Darn. That's low fat milk.

    3. Would you believe we have rain over here too? And it looks like it's going to be here a while.

      The climate is better here for the homeless, but it's still an awfully hard life.

    4. Thanks for link to Captain Poolie's blog. And your daughter's survival and accomplishment are reason to celebrate. Your updates let me join in the celebrating.

    5. You comment on the homeless and the heavy rains makes Helen DeGeneres joke about the rain not as funny.

    6. All my best to your daughter, she's done good.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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