March 11, 2014

Despite Myself

Seeing mother off on another cruise.  Was mother more afraid of heights than I?  SS President Wilson leaving for an around the world voyage.  We peer over the railing.

The little black dress was a big hit last night.  I was a little put off when I put on a stunning, new coat over it and was told it made me look larger.  I was encouraged by the complements.  Never will I be that thin again as I did in my red coat, but my new, little black dress worked well.  I bet it serves me well for a lot of years.

I’ve been apologizing, it seems, for days.  Yes, I certainly shouldn’t have said that, I should never have gotten all wound up like that, I apologize, I apologize.  Goodness, where did all that stinking panic come from; nothing’s worth the huge fuss I made…shame on me.  Perhaps it was because I failed two tests for Alzheimer’s in the latest AARP magazine. 

So I step out of myself and the virago I have become to find my ISP, Internet Service Provider down.  It’s up, it’s down.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh and enjoy the little black dress.

It’s fuzzy, but certainly filled with laughter.  1980.

  • Himself:  Worked his tucsh off.  Teeth cleaned at the doc.  Got some of the pills we will need ordered at the docs, worked 8 hours, and went to a meeting.
  • Herself:  Puttered with love and was 3 points over my WW points limit again.  Got mending done.  List printed.  Some stuff is out to be packed.  Trying on clothes.
  • Reading:  Yesterday’s book is a keeper.  Two more go back to thhe store.
  • Balance:  Not thinking.  Smiling.


    1. What huge fuss? What did I miss?

      Where's the photo of the little black dress? I had one and then washed it -- should have been dry cleaned. The outside shrank, but the liner didn't. Damn me.

    2. Maybe mother was afraid you would push her overboard.

    3. Quit taking those tests. Love the photo of you.

    4. I can't tell if you are going or coming on the Round the World excursion. So, were you one of the passengers. Hard to believe you were onlookers, dressed to the nines. Can you believe we wore such short clothes?

    5. You have got to admit, Babe, that you have the best smile this side of the planet...little black dress or not. If you failed the test, I think that means you don't have it...right???

    6. You looked so pretty in that outfit. Nice hair cut too.

    7. An insurance policy required a memory test...over the phone. They asked for lists of animals, presidents, cities, colors, continents...and then asked a question about something at the beginning of the call. Very tricky. I was convinced I had failed, but learned that you have to be pretty far gone to actually fail. Agree that you have a million dollar smile.

    8. How great to find the right LBD.
      You look so chic - and it is not easy in a minicoat - in the top photo. Your mother was probably standing back so the camera could catch her lovely daughter.
      I would run a mile from Alz tests.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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