June 29, 2014

Fair Thee Well

2014 Red ribbon winner at the County Fair.  Hanging them this way is such an improvement over folding and layering them.  Visitors can actually see the quilts.

We are off to the Fair again.  The first time we visited, we happily spent hours with the firemen at their demolition derby so we missed the art and photography exhibits.  I plan on walking.  This is a first for a very long walk.  If I need to sit down, I will find a chair.  My stamina has vastly improved.

Perhaps we will blow Weight Watchers and eat lunch there?  Oooooo!

  • Himself:  WE did an estate sale, car wash to clean the BBQ, then home to lunch Saturday.  He docented then we ate with friends at the Brigantine…. 
  • Herself:  …where we shared a dinner but not desert.  I did get the living room rearranged and removed a table and rocker.  G’s not happy, but the room isn’t crowded.
  • Reading:  Still Jance’s Beaumont series.  Finished the one he got sober in and am reading on.
  • Balance:  Take back over the cake baking next week for the Sunday night meeting.


    1. Quilts are my favorite part of the fair. Then art, then gyros.

    2. Love the quilt. It would go so nicely with your blue and white living room.

      Terri T.

    3. Lovely quilts. There are so many it seems! Where did you put the extra furniture?

    4. Baking more GF bread today. Different recipe, weird outcome. Scallop stirfry

    5. Today too. Hard to leave a message on your new site.

    6. The photography was better than the art.

    7. I just cannot force myself to go to that fair. It's the smell of grease that makes me pukish.


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