June 24, 2014

Golden Oldies Plus other excitements

I stripped the bed yesterday, and lo and behold the back of the mattress cover was paper.  What?  Yes, shredded paper.  I handed it to G to wash and shred further, and this morning I’m off to middle America to buy a new one that has fabric on the back.  Am I responsible for buying that first one?  Did it come with the mattress?  Gosh!

Yes, too, I am rearranging the living room.  I find it interesting that I’m one among many doing rearranging today.  Bee has her new lover moving in as does N.  My only excuse is that I’ve jammed all the furniture over into one side, and now I feel I need space.  Too much of a good thing.

Margot has begun applying for volunteer positions with assorted fire departments.  The San Diego Fire Department announced on TV yesterday that they were going to be hiring a great many new fire inspectors.  That’s her.

One of my favorite swimmers was doing laps while thinking of cleaning out her kitchen cupboards this morning.  She inspired me to think about doing mine.  About doing all my fabrics too.  What do I need with 89 napkins that don’t match or 54 plaid 1930’s table cloths.    

The Great Geezer is singing along with golden moldy oldies this morning while he does his Subrogations.  My toes are a tappin’ too.


JCPenny’s had only two kids of mattress covers that weren’t paper backed.  How do I know?  A nice helper opened every kind of mattress cover package so we could see.  They were all expensive and all uber puffed.  I bought the one on sale.  Now the day to day question is, will the sheets fit over this padded mattress cover?  They do…barely.  Will we fall deep into it’s fluffy folds?  We will.  I slept an hour. 


Lady Bird Johnston’s Pendernales River Chili for dinner.  I like this chili much better than any others.  From “What’s Cooking America:”

4 pounds coarsely ground beef (chili-grind)
1 large chopped onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon ground cumin
6 teaspoons chili powder
2 (16-ounce) cans whole tomatoes, cut up

2 (16-ounce) cans of pinto beans, rinsed
2 to 6 dashes hot sauce, or to taste
Salt to taste
2 cups hot water

In a large frying pan, brown meat with onion and garlic until meat is lightly browned; transfer ingredients to a large heavy kettle or cast-iron Dutch oven.
Add oregano, cumin, chili powder, tomatoes, hot sauce, salt, and hot water. Bring just to a boil; lower heat and simmer, covered, for approximately 1 hour.
Remove from heat. Skim off grease and serve.

Serves 12. 


  1. I see that magic word Subrogations and am instantly taken back to my insurance claim adjusting days...still miss my old group and wish the office was still around. Hope you find a new arrangements for your living room that makes you feel comfy.

  2. I need to rearrange things too. Haven't done that in a week or two. Busy learning how to cook again. Ha ha. Good thing David is a good sport.. Got your comment yesterday. Had to approve you again as my site did not recognize the new you. I do love your kitchen. I fear a new kitchen for me is far away. Hopefully some day. Have fun moving things again. The best kind of geographic is one where you don't move house.

  3. You have some nice things in your kitchen.

  4. You are a collector, but you are also a very neat organizer. One day soon, these two will quit fighting with each other and give the artist free reign.

  5. I use my Mom's Tex-Mex recipe. All these ingredients except I don't add water, I add tomato sauce with water. Also, I use very lean meat so no grease forms.. I omit the hot sauce too. Add extra chili powder...at least four tablespoons. Start with garlic and onion too.

  6. I haven't made Chili in ages. Good idea... I like cooking dishes that will take us through two days of eating (aka leftovers), and Chili most certainly fits that bill.

  7. Does that chili freeze well? Serves 12? 4 pounds of hamburger. Wow. That's a lot of food, especially just for the two of us. But it sure sounds good.

  8. Yum (chili, not mattress cover)!


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