June 27, 2014

Life is Good

Once a ship, but now an Alaskan barge with tug.

As a determined mosquito buzzed my ear this morning, I woke to thought about my blog.  I write little, but I do read you all.  I think of you as friends.  I leave few notes.

Like Tabor, I admit I am busy.  The days are almost as crowded now as they were when I was 30.  I like that a lot but wish it were creative work.  This week, I actually took two days off from life to read.  Yes, I take lots of pictures at work and few elsewhere.  

We are well.  That’s so good to say.

  • Himself:  Looking forward to the BBQ after the meeting tonight.  He’s delegated the cooking.  This is so good that a volunteer has stepped up to cook.  Now he has to find a new home for the grill itself.  Rotating it out of our garage will be a good thing.  Movies: Working our way through the Harry Potter films.
  • Herself:  Will find out more about Gloria today.  Worried about Seedys, but not as worried as I was.  She has a new job for the summer and it will be enough to bring in unemployment over the winter.  BBQ tonight.  Taco’s with friends at the Brigantine tomorrow.  More socialization is good too.
  • Reading:  More Beaumont.
  • Balance:  Reading.


    1. that certainly is a rust bucket.

    2. Good luck giving the grill a new home. Time to let someone else have a "go" at it.

    3. Busy R us. These days I read more than I write also.

    4. Yes, life is busy and it's important to touch base with friends. I am baking today. More later. Happy to hear your friend is doing better.

      Those thoughts in early morning...some creative, others downright scary. Such as what's it all about as we hurl through space. Good to stay busy, I think.

      I love this photo of the old barge. Would love a blowup on my living room wall. The colors...it's the colors. Great!

    5. Just checking to see what happens when one starts to leave notes. :)

      1. Ohhh... hello! Huggers to you. Is this what you would like to have happen when you leave a note??? ;)

    6. I sit here reading and scratching, and scratching and reading... Noseeums are my downfall... at least with mosquitos, you can see/hear them. :/ In Arizona we had NO bugs... none, nada, zilch for all winter long. Then come the end of April we saw a fly -- one fly! LOL

    7. As much as I would like some breathing time, I also know that at my age this business can come to a full stop before I know it. I like being busy, but I really need lots of down time for my soul's health.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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