July 21, 2014

Comic Con Time +3

It’s Comic Con time again.

It’s that time of year again.  Fun, games, panels, costumes, and daring-do all under the sun down by the bay.  After I aerobic, tidy the house, plan the meals, write, add some lime green to the doodle I am working on, I’ll take the time to see what I want to do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Just for these moments, life is sure good.

  • Himself:  Subrogating, having fun, meeting, and planning for the weekend.
  • Herself:  The week: Haircut Tuesday, work Wednesday, interview for a volunteer VA SDSU position Thursday, and go to Comic Con on Friday.  Sunday morning, I will bake a sheet cake, and we will leave Comic Con Sunday at five to do our thing at the Sunday Meeting.
  • Reading:  Volume three of the Vorkosigan Saga.  Lots of fun.
  • Balance:  Thinking about the artist Sam Francis.  Browsing the Link to the Comic Con Programing Schedule.


    1. So happy for you! So happy for you!

    2. Love the outfits...have you added any thing more to them since last year?

    3. Your 'outfits' are perfect. Love the pose and I can tell from the smiles you are having a ball! I love when grown adults still play like children.

    4. Enjoy the anticipation and the events. I'm looking forward to photos.

    5. Going to be a fun time at your place this weekend - hope it is as good as you want it to be

    6. You guys look so cute! Have a wonderful time.

    7. Wow, you really get into this ComicCon thing. I am very impressed.


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